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  1. How difficult the Ghost Recon games use to be. Downloaded both Advanced Warfighters off Steam. Haven't even beat the first mission of Advanced Warfighter and I keep getting my but kicked in AW2. The team AI isn't helping much though.
  2. Which is too bad. It's a great weapon.
  3. My Origin account has been hacked. Changed password and language (freaking Russians). Since EA customer support keeps hanging up on me, I'm telling my bank to stop any transactions headed to Origin or EA. I can take bs DRM and raping of franchises. What I can't take is terrible customer service. Edit: Thanks to the wonders of Google Translate I've managed to fix my problem. Let's see if it happens again. First order of business is to take my payment info off of there though.
  4. I was really excited for the DLC. Not even going to lie. But after playing the first mission... I'm feeling really let down. It was short, linear, and just... meh. Hopefully the others will be better?
  5. Battlefield series Black Hawk Down (I count at least two "support" guys who aren't black) Future Soldier Oddly enough Call of Duty (with the exception of Griggs)
  6. What's the problem exactly? A glitch? Or just having trouble getting XP?
  7. Is it just me, or does the AI squad seem more... inept in the DLC?
  8. Except only one compnay gives you deals like that. Bethesda. And to a certain extent, DICE.
  9. For all we're getting, 7.99 isn not over priced. Not by todays standards at least.
  10. Not having a go at ya.. But for consoles (at least xbox) the series went like this: Ghost Recon Ghost Recon: Island Thunder Ghost Recon 2 Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike Ghost Recon AW Ghost Recon AW2 Ghost Recon FS If they want to make a lot of old school console players happy, they should give us back 1st person view, fresh graphics, and blind siege like in summit strike.. But no, they had to go and re-invent multiplayer by grapping stuff from games like Gears, MGS, COD etc., and call it theirs.. I don't think they ever claimed it was theirs. They freely admitted taking inspiration multiple times.
  11. The four player limitation didn't matter. If it didn't have the bugs, people would still play it. I hear what you're saying but i beg to differ. Had RR allow in it's co-op game play units, like Alpha and Bravo etc and about a 12 player limit with 4 man teams, then even with the bugs we would have had so many ppl playing for that reason alone. I can't tell you the amount of friends on my list that did not pick it up because we could not run a larger room like GRAW2. We loved to play Exfiltration on Graw2 and we wanted to apply the same game play experience to the CSAR missions on RR. Dont' get me wrong we enjoyed the game play, but i kid you not the limitations to the amount of players allowed in Co-op killed it for a lot of ppl. I have about 30 members of my unit alone and we've been running together for years now. It sucks when you have to tell your friends (no room available) i know they can create their own room but its just not the same. I can understand what you're saying. And I'd have no problem with giving you a larger team. But the real problems (the one's that got the studio shut down down) were the bugs. Especially the atrocious AI. Once word of mouth spread, it killed sales. Had the sales not been dismal, or an effort actually been made to fix the bugs, we may well have seen more OFP games. Possibly with larger squads.
  12. The four player limitation didn't matter. If it didn't have the bugs, people would still play it.
  13. I was really looking forward to this game. Then I played the demo. The controls are waaaay to sluggish. It might be an interesting story, but if the gameplay in the full game is anywhere near as frustrating as the demo...
  14. The biggest problem with the last Operation Flashpoint was the squad AI. Now if you're squad is made of real people... Won't be an issue.
  15. Wonderful >.<. I was just going to run my system over to a friends house to use the codes. Guess that won't work.
  16. I would think so. According to the challenges they can be used in the campaign.
  17. So, I just unlocked the atttachment "Optional 2." The picture under challenges shows it as a stock, but no new stock is unlocked. Anybody know what's up?
  18. Same purpose it has in single player? Faster target acquisition. Faster aiming. What do you mean by "faster target acquisition"? I have only played multiplayer. I don't think it influences run speed as I made some comparations; however, I could be wrong. Now what I think it does is increase/decrease moving speed while L1/R3 -aiming. That's pretty much what target acquistion is. The ability to aim at someone.
  19. Exactly... It would not be GRFS anymore... It would be COD.. or some other mindless shooter.... No. It wouldn't. Seriously, the whole CoD thing getting tired. How does the detection equipment make the game any less mindless? It's the players and objectives the make the game stand out. I guarentee you if there was a standard deathmatch mode the gane would be just as mindless as CoD.
  20. It is not just the detection of the UAV, its how the UAV is as a whole and the flexibility it gives its controller. I think these ideas would work great and really make the game more tactical, not a detection noob fest. I agree with some of your ideas. However, I think the insta destruction (what if the person is detected and has to move?), range, and recharge rate are going a little too far. And why show the guy using the UAV? That just makes it too easy. Well the instant destruction would be so the UAV can't just sit in the sky to detect people. You do prove a good point, so then I would change it to if the person doesn't call it back within 1-2 minutes then it blows up. That sounds like a good time I think A UAV can go pretty high and zoom in so the range shouldn't be to much of a issue. The recharge rate may seem to long but it would require the Engineer to use a different form of action which makes the game more tactical in my opinion. But 2 minute recharge could be just as good The showing of the guy using the UAV could be easy, but you would have to be close to him to see the diamond icon. Sort of like the mortar in BF3, but that "show the UAV guy" is optional. Not bad ideas. Though I still don't like the idea of the UAV user showing up on the minimap. It would stop people from using it, as they'd be hunted down as easy targets. If the maps were bigger (say... Caspian Border from console BF3) it wouldn't be such a problem.
  21. How about you get over yourself? Just because you've never been spawn camped doesn't mean it never happens. In fact, it's a well known problem in most (if not all)of online shooters. Back on topic, how about revolving spawn points? Say... every couple of minutes the spawn points shift?
  22. The reasoning for this is that there are alot of players, like myself, that have been waiting for a game that is pretty hardcore for a long time. We simply dont want it altered to appeal to those with the wrong idea about the game. It's about teamwork and coordination. If the game is changed to allow for a bunch of solo players, it would not be GRFS... it would be Battle Field... or COD. I think that if you played the campaign missions on elite settings.. you will get the idea. Or maybe find a few players to play with consistently and you will enjoy the game a lot more.. trust me.. He never said he didn't want teamwork. In fact, that usually goes hand in hand with "tactical." I get his point though. If anything, it could be argued that not having drones and sensors would work to strengthen teamwork. The game itself has a level much like this idea. Your hud goes down for awhile and and your left with just your team and your firearms. The mode actually sounds pretty cool. Aside from the no attachments thing. I loves me some weapon customization. How about keeping it as is, but removing allowing attachments (sans heartbeat sensor and backscatter optic)?
  23. Same purpose it has in single player? Faster target acquisition. Faster aiming.
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