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  1. anybody? I just wanna know if there is heavier rounds and/or at least a vet/hardcore/etc mode that won't force me to dump mags on people for a kill... can we add heavier grain (like the 77 grain 5.56mm?) to get faster kills? Just want to kill at least AS FAST as i did in other GR games (like GRAW it was just a double tap w/ an AR and they were down)
  2. has anyone played it yet now that its out?? I am wondering if there are heavier rounds so i don't have to shoot someone more than 1-2 times in the chest with semiauto sniper rifles (or 3-4 with assault rifles like ACR or SCAR)
  3. ANYONE? I can't see how that is Tom Clancy at all. Popping someone with .308 is not gonna be a 4HK, especially clearing a small battlespace like in that footage on YOUTUBE PLEASE...someone either tell me there is a more "high damage/quasi-hardcore" diff level for MP you can choose OR that, in GUNSMITH, i can somehow make weapons a 1-2HK using heavy grain rounds???? I mean, this is GR!!
  4. What is this??? i just saw sniper footage and it takes like 4 hits from a semi auto M110 type system to drop a guy? even at medium/close range??
  5. I still play old GRAW games to get that more realistic older school tom clancy feel (like R6V1/2) and am worried that we wont see the same kind of realism in this game. Does anyone know if semiauto on most weapons will even be effective if it takes (from what i heard) about 6-10 hits at close range to achieve a kill??? And are there diff ballistics to increase damage? Like heavier grain rounds more suited for semiauto fire??
  6. I am just saying guys, this game is gonna be AWFUL and BORING if it plays like a futuristic CoDish shooter and yes, an ARMA/GR hybrid would be amazing....like i said, an OPEN WORLD FPS shooter with at least QUASIREALISTIC ballistics and vehicles etc and i would be all in... Not tanks etc maybe, but at least technicals/humvee type vehicles...and no one can debate that its fun to fly those helos and F35s in BF add that aspect to a GR-type game, and you have a winner....i just wish the giant combat robo-drones and invisicamo was gone and was replaced with actual tech we are seeing being fielded someday SOON
  7. Oh god, don't remind me of FarCry 2 (it was an amazing SP game, but MP was awful unless you could handle an AS50 better than the twenty others using it per match) OF Red River was GREAT (to me at least) and would've been the game I'd be STILL PLAYING had they decided to include competitive MP (which they removed since last OF because they screwed the pooch so bad with it and it had no real weapon/character customization OR realism...and thats saying something for a MILSIM) and I am hoping they learned from this... Codemasters make gorgeous games, and if EA (BF3)'s team and Codemasters had a baby, it would be the perfect game. Realism (weapons wise and environmentally as well) and fun all in one package (or at least quasi-fun if they are smart enough to make more OPEN world shooters). I just hope these CoD-meets-Predator invisicamo comercials i am seeing don't ruin the Tom Clancy name...all hail R6V1/V2/Lockdown, GRAW1,2 etc how are they planning to top those games with an unrealistic, sci-fi interpretation of a TOM CLANCY franchise??? I am very excited to TRY the game, but i am scared its gonna blow and be all 3rd (no FPS mode, unlike previous GR games) during MP and low-damage ARs with CoD animation and small maps
  8. I mean, its kinda stupid if its going to just be a futuristic BF or CoD right??? I thought we got the realism too....any news on maybe a "hardcore mode" or some way to get a more realistic damage in the GRFS MP experience with this one?
  9. WHAT?? how is it gonna turn into Army of Two now? 6 hits minimum now? are they possibly going to have diff modes, maybe heavier rounds you can select for your weapon etc to make double taps to the chest possible?? I am not looking for total realism, but what you are describing sounds awful....BF3 is barely tolerable for me in Hardcore mode right now...
  10. Just wanna know if i can use an FN SCAR on semiauto and actually drop people in MP with just a double tap in the chest like i used to in old GR games with the older ARs they had like M468 etc (in GRAW2 or something) Not looking for ARMA, just something better than BF3 or any of the other Ghost Recon games that have come before. PLEASE don't tell me its gonna be the same old thing. anyone play MP and can attest to the damage being realistic? You don't need more than two or so hits to upper chest to kill a guy with an ACR (lets just say)??? And IS THERE ANY CHANCE of maybe getting heavier grain (like 77grain Black hills type rounds) bullets in the Gunsmith to AT LEAST make it possible to kill with a double tap to the chest in semi auto in MP????
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