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  1. First off this is a great game with great concepts in mind and awesome competitive tactical gameplay for anyone who appreciated the previous graw single player campaigns, but understood the multiplayer was a joke. Now the multiplayer is like a realistic version of Gears and transformers mixed with rainbow 6 with 2012 graphics and customability. You can go to the firing range and customize your gun in the middle of menus. The game is great, but as most beta demos are it still has a few kinks and I'd like to discuss those today rather then going in to say all the more positive things. I think the fact that I've played everything and have lots of options to play and yet I've put over 20 hours into the beta. That should speak for itself. More then 20 hours on 2 maps with limited classes. Ok moving on. You know the lobby issues obviously because you've been changing the way matches are assembled for the last few days so lets not go into that. There are still problems with characters spawning at the exact same time on a corner in the pipeline that spawned 3 people in the map stuck together underneath ru spawn. The acr isn't overpowered guns kill people and getting killed will make anyone mad in pvp so ###### you winey n00bs who don't understand how difficult it is to balance a game. HOWEVER. Other guns are under powered. Why is everyone in multiplayer only bringing 1 gun to the fight and always being riflemen? Well because they have a gun that works and better health and 1 grenade. Fix the lmgs. If I pull the trigger and hit you with bullets in your chest and face first you should be dead not me. This game is great now make it work before it comes out and everyone returns it because it's another cod/gears clone with broken weapons. BROKEN WEAPONS RUIN GAMES. Grenades?!?! WHY is this the only game I feal cheap for using grenades? This is because they are actually orb death balls that weight ounces, but that my super weak throwing arm can hurl up to (thank you for fixing it) a reasonable throwing distance ( for a regular grenade) They go through organic matter and the fuses last roughly 3 to 4 seconds. The explosions do what a grenade should do and do kill friendlies which I think is fine. FIX THE GRENADE PHYSICS they need to behave like a grenade that rolls n bounces like a grenade. I'd shorten the chasers in that case too and increase the grenade count since with more weight and player clipping turned on the grenades would make throwing the perfect grenade something a n00b can't pick up in 3 throws so you wouldn't have to worry about spawn camping grenade tossers. You could also make player invulnerable in the beginging of the spawn zone so if people are camping the spawns they'll leave because they die. I WANT TO SAY. That I have cussed out this game and heard many others when I shoot someone in the face with an lmg and two bullets 1 in the chest and 1 in the head hit at less then 15m coupled with the suppression and the guy doesn't bat an eye and aims and shoots his acr and your dead. It's such bs. So so so so so bs. I don't care who wined about lmgs an lmg has a much higher caliber bullet that has higher velocity = more damage. I think if you get hit once anywhere on the body with an lmg you should go down. A 5.56 round will wound you causing your buddies to get shot, but a 7.62 will kill you IF it hits you. Especially when I shoot you in the face no matter how laggy it is. I think you need to upgrade the lmgs and submachine guns decrease Range on shotguns but increase damage so everyone has a balanced game and every weapon has it's use. OK now the creators of this game are probably scared to allow people to die faster but it makes you think twice about standing up and brushing bullets off as they pepper your face on the real front line. Think about that. Really . . . Really . . . ? You've seen it happen in mp every time what makes you think real life people in real situations don't apply instinct that theyve learned from simulations. Blah blah blah. I don't care I'm here to have fun. Why can I only get 4 friends in a game? I want everyone in the game in my party with a mic because I actually play this game, but im in a party with 5 people and what? I have to send friend requests to randoms to get in my friends games?. This is a TEAM GAME. Why do I HAVE to play with randoms? My friends list is full! There goes all your players with more then 10 friends and me i've got hundreds so I want to play with my friends or else I'll just return it and buy something else. (NO SALE). You are going to get all the gears players and half the battlefield players if you do this right. Do it right or else you will be another Duke Nukem. Seriously so much potential so close. You're right there. So in summary Fix lobbies/ joining/ parties being able to get in games with lots of friends. Fix Lag bug glitches. Players with bad connections shouldn't ruin the game for everyone else. Either drop them or be more creative. If I shoot you in the face during full auto you should DIE! All guns should do more damage exce[t acr especially lmgs they're innacurate enough. Either way rebalance the guns i know every weapon has its edge, but that's not an edge that's unfinished homework. Fix spawn camping by making players in the first half of spawn invincible or vastly improve the lmgs suppression and sensor radius and risk unbalancing the game. increase the amount of time between a player in combat or even better if an enemy player is looking at you don't allow respawns. Spawning in on my buddy to instantly die sucks. Pistols shouldn't take a whole clip to kill someone. Ammo pickups should be stoppable - the ammo. If sighting in while holding LT releasing LT releases sighting in whereas sighting in directly the character is locked in sighting in makes the controls disorienting at first. You guys say this is a DEMO but just stick to the closed beta terminology for now the demo thing is like saying you guys don't do your jobs ok. If anyone cares I'll put more feedback in, but I'm done writing for now. AWESOME GAME Fix the bugs and it will be a Platinum Hit I'd be willing to bet on that. Sorry if this sounds all negative. PVP will make you rage after spawn death happens 300 times in one day try playing the game.
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