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  1. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say on the G36C, first rail lug immediately after the scope lens cover is too wide. And it looks like the front lens cover is sticking through the rail lugs a bit. If that isn't it, then I honestly have zero idea what you're talking about when it comes to errors...these things are GORGEOUS!!
  2. Ok, so it has been ages since I've been on the site. I've been paging through the posts here, and I was wondering if anyone has modeled the new M24A2. Essentially the tried and true M24 with a top-mounted full-length and short side-mounted Picatinny Rails, barrel lugs for a suppressor, modifications to the shoulder stock and a 10 round magazine. Just curious, as I've seen these things around lately.
  3. not sure where you're seeing "tail rotors".....unless you're referring to the actuators for the flaps and rudder.....speaking thereof, the Frogfoot's rudder runs the entire length of the vertical tail...you might want to add some distinction near the upper surfaces. your landing gear is great, tho. really captures the tough Russian design....Soviet aircraft are practicall the only jets in the world that can take off from dirt.
  4. I new as soon as I made it that it wouldn't actually fly....its like strapping a pair of wings to a shaped brick and seeing if it would glide, but hey, its only the second aircraft I've made, and the first tactical aircraft I've put together. Not sure I'd have time in the near future.....pulling down 17 credit-hours this semester. It was a miracle I was able to get that much done. One of my profs is looking over the .cat files some time this week. I'm hoping to put that model through our stereolithography lab....actually get a solid model.
  5. True, it is important to use the best available resources during a spec op insertion, but bear in mind that we're not talking about sending one bird in alone. Even for "Black" ops, there will be other assets in the area....sometimes AWACS or MC 130 aircraft, especially on long-range missions. The MC 130 would be able to refuel the insertion aircraft, and provide ECM and EW support. Under those conditions, risking a high value helo like an MH-60 is not necessarily the best option. Helo's are more prone to damage and downing than fixed wing assets. Also, it's kinda rare for FR to do helo-casts into hot zones. Again, helos are more vulnerable to ground fire, and they make a hell of a lot more noise than high-altitude fixed-wing insertions. They're more likely to do HALOs into the Op area, then egress overland to an EZ and wait for the MH-60 or UH-60 to pick them up, or get picked up by water-borne assets if they're near rivers.
  6. Amen. Tried that a couple times....I think I won.........nope.
  7. Force Recon are a naval special warfare unit, the USMC being a USN asset. How much detail do we really see in-game? Eye-candy is nice, but all we really need is the general effect. ← As for the detail, you'd be surprised the level of detail these modders can put in. And someone who KNOWS the DIFFERENCE WILL be rather miffed if the model is wrong! And as for the Marines being a USN asset, yes, they are still listed under the department of the Navy, but they are a self-contained service with their own air wings and support squadrons. The Marines use as much of their own hardware and pilots as they can. Every Marine pilot has a secondary qualification as a rifleman, and EVERY Marine goes through the same infantry training. So, to say that the Marines would use Navy helos during their insertions is rather incorrect, and um, insulting to Marines.
  8. Hey nat, just a quick question....Is the mag supposed to have a cutout in it? Take a look at the very edge of the magazine, towards the barrel end....If you look close, you can see the tips of the rounds. Is it supposed to be like this, because it doesn't follow the standard Kalashnikov design....
  9. LMAO!!!! I'm surprised the air boss allowed it to take off......Course, paint like that would also serve to distract any hostiles in the area......
  10. IIRC, the SH-60R Seahawk is supposed to pick up the Special Warfare mission for the Navy when it enters service, so a reskin would be fine. ← I don't know if a reskin will do the job. Firstly, the 60 Romeo is used for NAVAL special warfare insertions and extractions, i.e. SEALS. Secondly, If you look at a standard UH-60, the tailwheel is at the end of the tail boom, whereas on the SH-60, it's just aft of the cabin. This was done because of the folding tail and the short decks that the Seahawk would operate from. Can't have a 20' wheelbase when the deck is only 12' long. You might want to try modeling a CH-46 or MV-22....I know there's a crashed model in IT, so you might be able to start from that and remodel to flying condition. The Marines are starting to phase out the UH-1N, simply because it's such an old airframe. The same with the -46.....The damn thing's almost 30 years old, so to keep it modern, I think an Osprey would be a great choice. But that's just me.
  11. Hey all, haven't been on in a while, but here's a little something I've been working on. As usual, it's in CATIA, since it's the only 3D modeling program I have. And, since I can't model weapons worth a crap without dimensions, and the fact that this is what I'm going to school for, I thought it would be a nice addition. Basically, steal the nose, vertical tails, and wings off the F-14, the stealth features, conformal weapons bays (there is a large internal bay on the underside, sorry couldn't get a good shot of it) and horizontal tails off the F-22, and the vectored thrust nozzels off the SU-35, and this is what you get.
  12. Thanks snow....hadn't had much luck finding decent blueprints. Maybe now I'll be able to work on my modeling skills....Still, i feel it's better to have a 3d model to look at....putting something 2d in a 3d environment doesn't seem to work too well....
  13. Hey all....me again. Just wondering, since my class schedule allows me to get over to the catia lab.....the models won't work in GR, established that last year, but I can do the models to scale....give you guys some idea what a vehicle would look like. Unless anyone can point me to a good place to get 3dsmax so I can do the models for game use....
  14. The model looks awesome. Were you trying to model an MH-6 or AH-6? The MH-6 has the benches, but no mini's. The AH-6 has stub wings (just beyond the skids) with either 7.62 miniguns or 2.75in rockets.....generally pods of 7 (think hexagon with one extra rocket in the center). BTW, take the mini's off and that MH-6 would be awesome for an insertion vehicle in a mod! One thing....the pod just aft of the rotor shaft....should be rounded at the back and have like a flare thing at the top.... MH-6
  15. Now that i think about it, i havent really seen a cop with a beretta. Usually they have something more like a glock or a colt. But im no expert on police weapons. I know they use mp5 the ump, the m4, m16. Yeah i wouldnt think the swat teams would use an m203 thats why i didnt put one in there. Ok, im no expert on guns, so i really wouldnt know what i silencer sounds like except from games. And 22's sound like cannons ? Thats news to me... They make just about no kick, and its not much more noise than my pellet gun. My dad has a 22 semi... ← It's just an expression, but the point is pretty clear. Bear in mind that the source of the "gunshot" sound is not necesarily the explosion of the propellant, but the bullet breaking the sound barrier. Silencers arent good at slowing down a bullet enough to keep them subsonic, so that crack is still there. and when you're entering a building and everyone else is carrying MP5 SD's, a normal round WILL sound abnormally loud.
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