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  1. So I have played the Beta on Xbox multiple times. I do enjoy this game very much. Very entertaining and I love the 3rd person aspect. There are a few things I do want to point out. 1) ACR is way to overpowered. I go into a gun fight with the AK47 and die because the ACR is too powerful. Yes, I understand the ACR is normally known for it's OP in multiple games but it's something to point out. 2) The UAV... Why... It should be a kill streak or something. The amount of time that my teammates and I get detected is ridiculous. I think it's a good idea, but it needs tweaking... Maybe put it up for like 3 minutes tops? Something like that.... 3) Sensors on Engineer class. These sensors are a great idea, but the span of these sensors I think is a little bit to far.. 4) Grenades, they really need a tweak. Way to overpowered in my mind and the whole friendly fire does get annoying. I get it happens in real life, but we are in a game. I have been killed multiple times trying to retrieve a sensor with a friendly nade.... 5) Unlocks, I think more guns are in order and lower levels. It takes 20 levels to get a new gun? Does get boring. 6) Spawns, do I need to say more? Terrible spawn killing. I do it myself but it's way out of hand. 7) Connection... Yes, it is a beta and I know Ubisoft did not expect the amount of people playing, but come on now. It goes down every 30 minutes for me... Idk, just some issues I have with this game. I will end up pre-ordering and buying this game. Soooooo fun, but some of the things do need tweaking. I'm glad they decided to make a beta for this. ALSO, customization in this game is ridiculous... lol
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