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  1. Yeah I'm in the same situation, lots of friends who all love ghost recon and we'd all like to play together, it'll be a shame if there's no firefights with at least 8 in the room.
  2. Definately agree about the grenades,sensors and UAV's,they are ruining the game play in the beta
  3. Everyone on my friends list came from co-op campaign,we all had some good times and 4 player just doesn't cut it
  4. no it's quite easy to tell the difference because the enemy are usually lit up bright red with sensor grenades or drones,it doesn't look like we're going to be able to switch them off either, apparently they're intergral to game play. An absolutely outstanding idea well done to the genius who came up with that one.
  5. I agree with most of whats been said above but not sure if they will have the time to fix all the faults ,spawn camping is already a joke. I could probably live with all the intel gadgets if the maps were 3 - 4 times bigger, currently you could probably cover the whole width of the map with two engineers with sensor grenades
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