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  1. maybe make it so sensors can not see THROUGH entire buildings. Block them after one obstruction, they are ground based and need to penetrate walls, barrels, buildings, rocks , trees, etc. What type of sensor could see through all of that??? sonar would ping off the first obstruction and stop, radar would likewise have reduced effect after one hit, heart beat sensors might be able to sense it but it still would need some sort of sound and with all the other low frequency noise around it would only have very limited effect. Limiting the range or stopping AT the second obstacle would seem to make sense.
  2. There is counter intelligence, but it cant be unlocked until sometime like level 28 for the engineer, its the Jammer. Its ridiculously far up the unlock tree, maybe move that down to level 8
  3. Sniper Elite from the Original Xbox is backwards compatible and is the same game with slightly more dull graphics but it plays great. Don't waste $60 on Sniper Elite v2, just get yourself a $2 copy of the original and you will have the same fun but no upgraded graphics.
  4. I like the idea, shoot it Ubi's way: http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/365-Ghost-Recon-Future-Soldier-Multiplayer-BETA-Feedback Hahahahaha, shoot it Ubi's way. Thats a good one.
  5. Or only give out kill points for people that are firing into or out of a certain radius of the objectives, not on the other side of the map or into or out of spawn areas.
  6. Co-op and campaign are good, but adversarial multiplayer is what GR has always been about to me. Come Borderlands 2 I will have all the co-op fun I can imagine(i am probably going to by that for both my 360 and my ps3). Most of my core GR buddies are not getting FS because they hate what it has become and that hurts co-op and vs. multiplayer for me. I am still torn though. I want to see the silver lining, but the cloud is just so darn big.
  7. Have to agree with you Mean. I just got done with a little more time on the beta and I have to say that I am even more unimpressed than I was the first time I played it. I got fed up with poor hit detection, random accuracy when firing from cover(it seems like sometimes I will pop up and be aimed right at someones head and all my bullets decide to go somewhere else, and other times its perfect), the ridiculous speed at which people move from cover to cover, and a few other things. Overall I just didn't enjoy myself as much as I have in the past with old GR titles, heck, I enjoy myself playing BF3 more right now. I am going to keep trying it out as long as the beta is up, but so far I think the beta saved me $60.
  8. I dont know if its bullet lag or if its the hit detection is just completely broken. I had several instances where I watched the kill-cam and the guy who shot me wasn't even hitting me, not even close. In one instance one player and I ran past each other and he must have reflexively pulled the trigger, not even facing me, and he killed me. ???? I don't know if its the servers, if we just had a bad connection, or if the game is broken. And as far as hit detection goes, its just kind of all over the map for where a headshot is. no apparent rhyme or reason.
  9. Well said K1NG. Thats what gaming is all about.
  10. Forgot about the Swamp. Awesome. Good times there. Oh, and whats with the stupid gigantic backpack the engineer is carrying. Is that going to be removable? He carries ONE tiny UAV, TWO sensors, ONE camera, and 120 rounds. ###### is in there, the Ghosts laundry??? It should only be on him when he is carrying one of those mini-turrets or ammo packs for the team.
  11. I've played Ghost Recon since the original, COD since COD2, and Battlefield since 1942 and own all of all three series with the exception of the latest COD which i refused to buy. I like them each for what they are. They are three totally different games that are meant to be played differently. Ghost recon was always the middle ground. Mid sized to large maps(with a couple of exceptions), cool guns, tactical gameplay without vehicles. A requirement on communication and achieving objectives as a squad. GR is now moving their bar towards the COD side and alienating their CORE audience. It is a shame that they are doing this, they had already moved away from the original formula with the advanced warfighter formula and now they are going even further away. GR:AW(and 2) were a stretch for the core gamers of this series, but it brought a slightly larger audience and we all learned to adapt. This game however, is pushing the limits of what I want out of a game. I do not find the beta truly enjoyable and it is not whetting my appetite for the game. Every other GR game was a "must have" for me and most of my gaming friends. This one is already pushing some of them out of the GR fold. I would not play another game when i had a new ghost recon title in hand for at least a couple of months. With GRFS i can see myself just going back to play battlefield within days and playing this occasionally when i have a few friends that want to play. I am not happy with this title, though I will most likely own it and hope that I can get past the changes and accept it for what it is and isn't. I wish they would just take the Ghost Recon off the title and start it as another franchise, "Call of War: FS" or "Gears of Duty: FS" or "CallBattleGears:FS". Its got elements of all of them, but is not defining itself as a true GR, so dont sell it as one.
  12. hopefully the maps that they gave us in the beta are the two smallest maps they have. I guess that there is still a little hope that there will be some maps for snipers and sneaky assault guys like me. I still want siege! and 8v8.
  13. there seems to be a semi-auto trigger assembly available for almost every weapon so one can change them to single shot. The thing that I don't like is that it is a permanent switch. There is no variable rate of fire triggers that allow you to switch between auto, semi, and three round burst within the match. You are stuck with only ROF per match until you change it in your gun set up.
  14. Bring back Embassy! and don't mess with putting artificial cover points throughout the map, just let us have some old style non gears of war gameplay.
  15. Bring back Embassy! and don't mess with putting artificial cover points throughout the map, just let us have some old style non gears of war gameplay.
  16. this game does not deserve a Sig edition console. I have been on since OGR and this game is not quite GR. more like Gears of Recon. All thats missing is chainsaws and the Locust. I am buying this game and will be playing it regularly because I cant and wont pass up a GR game. I know that when all my GR buddies and I get on together this game will be nothing but fun, but I wish it had more of the old flavor.
  17. not overall pleased with the game. I don't like the controls and the speed is far to fast for Ghost Recon. Its full of short range quickie fire fights and none of the mid to long range shooting was required in old GR games. Instead of having long range lines of fire that a sniper could shut down and funnel an assault into an ambush, There is just too much cover available that has ruined the purpose of crawling and camouflaging properly for the environment. the other thing that I hate is that it has been reduced to 6v6. 8v8 was much better. The game is missing standard siege mode, which is almost a deal breaker for me. The game mode was not available in any other quality shooters and set the game apart. 8v8 siege matches is where the nearly cult following of GR came from. There are too many good shooters out there that do much of what GRFS is doing, but better. With big maps and siege missing from this GR installment, I feel that I will end up back on BF3 before too long.
  18. I have to say I am a little disappointed in this game. I have been playing multiplayer Ghost Recon since the original. It was always a slower moving tactical game that required good positioning, communication and movement. They have sped up the gameplay and, with this cover system, have populated the environment with artificial cover points. In old GR games I would typically move to an area then low crawl looking for a good point to engage from, usually at mid to long range with an assault rifle. In about 2 hours on the beta I have not had an engagement over about 20 yards and mostly from cover. This game is just run from cover to cover and open up on on the stray head peaking out from cover by you. That said, i like the toys like the UAV and the sensors, but they are easily overused. 2 sensors per engineer should be reduced to only 1, and the UAV should be in normal vision not thermal where its too easy to spot enemies. The sensors and UAVs would be better suited to large maps, not these small COD sized maps where they cover too much of the map. The game overall feels like a cross between Gears of War and Call of Duty, not Ghost Recon. I would rather they go back to the Island Thunder formula. I would rather play Embassy a thousand times than this just once. But, since this is where all my online warriors will be, I will be here with them. Good luck and happy hunting to all of you.
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