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  1. dont forget there method of how games work , oh you want to use your friends copy of this game? nope u gotta buy another online pass code
  2. the main thing for me still is the god damn snipers, these maps are NOT in any way for snipers, theres not enough ability to creep around , and if i pop up i die in what feels like 1 bullet from any other gun , wheres as im shooting at someone ells with a assult riffle , takes a hell more bullets then that xD i just cant find many good spots for sniping, and even if i do , no one goes that way because the ammount of players is too god damn small
  3. im still un certain if its a beta or a demo because there was a launch about known issues and so on and they called it "GRFS Beta Known Issues" this is very confusing , some of their team is saying demo , some of their team is saying beta :S
  4. Wait what?! If thats the way its going to go hell no am i buying this game
  5. Yeah im stuck on this problem today. Yesterday was fine but today. Nope not working
  6. Interesting news bit that! I wonder if it's just some stock email form that got used and the beta/demo difference got overlooked, or if this means something... Where's Sherlock Holmes when you need him?! Haha yeah i dont know realy i recived my e-mail 2 days before the release with a nice big beta sign. But the way how damn right buggy it is. I realy hope its a beta not a demo
  7. The reason i stick to calling it a beta is because of the means of wich i got the code. The e-mail specificly said beta so thats why i call it that
  8. what are your views on GRFS ? i feel like it has some what a battlefield 2 , not 3 feel to it the way the customication is layed out and so on, im disapointed there isnt much ragdol in the death animations , ragdol makes games soo much funnier even if its for the slight chuckle as u fall down some stairs after being shot. overall so far i am pleased with the way it is going, considering its a beta i expected lots of bugs and down parts one that ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME is the diffrent sniper scopes for the oposite teams, my god i have never hated something so much, im allways a sniper based class person and i cant stand the upside down V shaped reticle for it. i cant get my views across here without rambeling on so just let me know urs i even done a gameplay / review on it if you want to see =] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdEMzv1CUWI
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