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  1. Stupid hard AI, LMAO after you played once or twice through they were easy. And pre-mission planning...not in original GR. Now if you want stupid hard AI get to level 30 in The Division and play the High Value Targets. Those guys are ruthless. This site has become even more facepalm than I imagined it could. I think I'll peace out for another 4 years and keep playing ARMA
  2. The footage from E3 makes me want to vomit. Just another garbage open world TPS.. Are we ever gonna get another FPS GR game with stupid hard AI and amazing pre-mission planning?
  3. Oh man, I really hope they keep it and improve upon it. Can you imagine that with high-res textures and possibly skins? mmmm
  4. I know there's been no mention of PvP in Wildlands yet, but I'm just curious what you guys think we might see. Do you think it will be asymmetrical again like Future Soldier? I'm definitely excited to see that the map has many climate zones with cities, villages, etc all mixed in, which brings me to my next point: Do you guys think we will be playing PvP on condensed versions of maps from the Single Player experience? I would really love it if that were the case. Also, they are surely going to be recreating the Gunsmith mechanic from Future Soldier in some respect, right? I think we can all agree that despite GR:FS's failures, that mechanic was just awesome. Anyway, give your thoughts.
  5. That's great to hear. Hopefully they can deliver. I told myself I'd never install Uplay again, but if things are as you say, I may have to eat crow.
  6. I gotta say, I thought this franchise was just dead. I never expected to even return to these forums. It's nice to see a fresh take on the franchise. Super excited to not see any reference to the words "Future" or "Advanced". lol My question would be: Why now? Why have they waited till now to bring in the community? It looks like the game is almost finished. I can't help but feel like this is a last ditch effort to try and smooth things over with us.
  7. To make a comparison if I may, Breach, a game that came out in '11 was only 10 bux, was created by an even more lucrative studio, had twice as many features including fully destructible terrain, and half as many problems. However, due to their lack of support after launch, they inevitably ended up going out of business, their game got pulled from Steam and everyone disappeared. I tend to fear the worst when it comes to cheap little indie shooters like these b/c I've seen this too many times. I'm hoping I'm wrong about Serellan, but I fear they may end up pulling the same maneuver. Let's all just face it. The tactical shooter isn't Jesus, and it's not coming back. It's dead and gone and may it rest in peace.
  8. I'm pretty excited for this. The part in the trailer where he opens his double barrel and notices he only has one shell is awesome. To me, that hints at it being a limited resources survival game like DayZ or others, which I love.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, some of the sound assets and animations are ripped straight out of GR:FS. Reload animation is identical, weapon skins, textures, etc.. I'm seeing a LOT of GR:FS in this. Somehow though, I'm left with a feeling of anticipation for this. When they meet the other group of players at the end, after mentioning that they can travel across the river to Manhattan, I got a huge sense of the scale they are going for. And did you guys notice the flare gun extraction which they have to wait for 90 seconds to complete? This game looks awesome.
  10. Anybody else notice this game at E3? Does anybody think those sound and animation assets look familiar? lol Still very pumped for it though.
  11. All I did was use a UK proxy server to enter in the code on the gro.uk site and I was in. Granted, it was often laggy since I was playing on UK servers. lol
  12. Retail version is scheduled to be a Client/Server model where one persons console who has the best ping to the other players becomes the server. So no dedi's on GR yet...
  13. I'm usually a front lines player and it kind of upsets me that I don't get any points for clearing obj's for my teammates to capture. Why should they get all the xp for the work I've done to clear it? There should be a radius that extends out from the obj's where kills are worth more points, and if there is already a radius, it needs to be larger.
  14. Wouldn't be GR w/o Wall Hacks and Under the Map glitches. lol
  15. Well thank god the world isn't dependent on MY opinion.
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