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  1. this game sucks it lags off line wasted my money
  2. i need help founding out about snowboards like what bindings and what else i need any one know about any liek forums on snowboarding?
  3. i used to play it but it was too much money i did love it thought
  4. yeah and the car bombing r really helping to make it a
  5. this game looks really good but is it? i have to know
  6. u see a soilder high fiveing a kid in like all the wars.
  7. r there any places where i can gert demos and mods from any other places other than fileplanet?
  8. i miss the care free days of summer(sigh) know its essays and books not a hole alot to love.(but some of the girls make it alot easier ) but if u got good friend it goes by a little easier
  9. i had my first day of school today and.........im not going to make it im in AP classes and i aleay feel like im going to die im going to give the Ap classes a few weeks and if there too much ill drop them for easier classes. Man i already miss being able to stay ip late playing GR
  10. i loved it i want more i cant wait. fire fights brokout u do kow whats the hell is going on it awsome
  11. i have a 19" monitor and the ghosts r now blocky why it this?
  12. how many people have XP? i wa useing ME untill about 30 days ago god was that a nightmare
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