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  1. Sensors = camping. plain and simple. My vote = toss em!!
  2. If you were in a 2 v 2 match (non random maps), certain setting you can't see that you want to make sure is right, why the hell not go in and check it..... [VF]EvilGhosT has exited the server OMG YOU HACK MY SERVER!! THE MATCH IS OFF!! it made no sence to me why I would get banned for somrthing so stupid. If you can't change anything (OR DON'T) then why ban someone? cause it makes you feel like you got a "special power". guess what, you don't.
  3. I'd rather not, lol. I been playing GR now for 2 years and everytime I try to change something, it just makes for the worse. besides, im used to holding down the right mouse button, no biggie.
  4. I got banned from the same server for the same reason. I see no harm done, altough you can tamper with the server, somewhat... Say the maps were on random, you could go in and change anything and hit OK, the map will change to another random map.
  5. allways run on!? I didn't know anyone used that.
  6. ANother good place is http://www.xdrivewebhosting.com But there are mnay to choose from, make sure you choose wisly
  7. http://www.udpsoft.com/eye here where youi get ASE.
  8. use what feels best.
  9. mine made it to front page!! woohoo!!
  10. Hey, that thing is pretty good. I did speaker and it got it in the 2nd try.
  11. no need to install the 1.3, everything comes in the 1.4 that was fixed in 1.3.
  12. - Violence Fetish It just wasn't for us. Had fun while it lasted tho!
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