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  1. I'd recomend Hypernia if you want something abit more cheaper, check out xdrivewebhosting.com there are many more but these 2 are the best of the best.
  2. good luck with the new name Makk! for anyone, highly recomended! nothing but good guys here! did I say nothing, ok, maybe a few... hehe
  3. what ladder you looking to join? If thats what you mean by 'registering'?
  4. Pun, thanks for the words man, it means alot.. I could... uhh. nevermind! Stop by the server anytime man! Nice seein ya, stop on TS sometime to bro, get sum games flowin!
  5. Also forgot to add that [VF] has a ded server (running on ASE). The IP is : For now we are running HX5 but it will be taking on and off. due to matching or depending on what everyone wants to play. Current Ladders are: The Combat Zone Just signed up on The Global Battlefield Thats about all I can think of, see ya on the BF!
  6. the special forums rock, 'certain' people would love it. PS: bump. "
  7. [VF] is looking for memebers to fill it's roster for GR again. We are friends from way back that have merged from an older clan. We have been around for a good 2 years now and stilll going semi strong, there are no rules in this place, we are a diffrent type of clan I guess you could say. We just like to play and have fun winning is also good but that comes after the fun check out TEAM [VF] site and drop by the forums, give us a hollar and we can play some fun games. We use TS2 for team chat. it is a must for the most part. We are also looking for people to fill in the Söldner roster. we are gonna need a pretty big roster for this so if your intrested, refer to the forums and give us a hollar. Anyone is welcome to try out or just get to know us and see how you would fit in. thanks, EG.
  8. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. . Why do this glitch at all....too check and make sure the server is set right? Well all the info you need in a match is right there in the server info button and there is no need to manipulate the server to "make sure everything is OK". Whether or not you can change something is not the issue. The issue is respect as I said before. Respect for the server that you are playing on and the team you are playing against. Sounds like somebody is a little bitter they were banned for it. Aussie got his ban lifted. It was easy. Somepeople understand when they did something wrong, intenonal or not and if unintentional apologize for it. Ever wonder how things could have gone with a simple apology? Guess you'll never find out now. Bottom line is if you have to do a complex series of keystrokes then you are glitching something. Whether it's a server, a water dip or a left toe peak it's still a glitch and you will get banned for it. ouch, thats harsh.. I should go cry now.....
  10. then there is nothing that could happen, no reason for you, me and whoever else has got banned to be banned. nuff said.
  11. the bear is a classic, surprised you havn't found him sooner.
  12. Thing is it don't switch the maps unless you make it. Like I said, for a 2 v 2 (with respawns) there are certain seting you can't see just by hitting "server info", I see nothing wrong with using this as on a 2 v 2 there are no random maps. BUT, if the maps were set to random it doesn't change the map everytime you do it, if you was to "tamper" with the server you would just change something (as an admin would do) then hit ok, then the map will change. If you hit cancel, nothing happens and you get to see exactly how the server is set, as if you was in the server. nothing confusing about it and it is no reason to ban someone (as you did me) for not changing or in my case, not even being able to change anything.
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