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  1. Wow. I woulda got mad and slammed that thing after 4 mins or so of that.
  2. wow, lucky indeed..
  3. But here, it's: whack the ball, drive in the golf cart, whack the ball, drive in the golf cart.... and here it's... wack the ball, drink a beer, drive cart... repeat 18 too drunk to drive home. happens all the time with mah brother in law..
  4. nah. I want maps for GR. I see maps being made all the time, but never are they released without all the kits and all the specialist and all the camo and whatever else. I have played GR ever scince it came out and it's damn near dead anyway, so I'm tryin to stick around but.. I don't want to waste my time of whats goin to be left of GR searching through kits and specialist. Thats just me of course. Oh and SOAF sucked.
  5. sorry, can you move this to the GR section and not GR2. my fault
  6. That I had alot of new maps for GR. before anyone says DL this and that, I wish there was something without all the xtras, I dunno about everyone else but I hate searching through 300 kit options and 20 specialist.. is there anyway we can get the maps only or is there a map only mod? And I have tried frostbite, a damn nice job on the maps but they were just to big for my liking, Sniper heaven is not a fun place to be (for me). thanks.
  7. ahhhhhh turen the music off!!!1 ahhahahH!!!!!
  8. I sayu allow a grenades with them snipers btu I dunno, I don't liek snipers anyway so im not much help.. lol.
  9. ASE does not cost anything by the way unless you want to pay for the service, I been using my 7 day trial for damn near 3 years....
  10. HX5 is being ran on most servers up now. HX5 CLick Also Download ASE, it shows ya all the servers that are running and it can help keep ya away from ubi. The All Seeing Eye
  11. more than likely all the ground troops aren't dead... I think it's RR Ridge. If I remeber right, I had the same problem, after searching the map for a long period of time I found one last guy, killed em and it was over.
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