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  1. Okay, I finished the download for GRO and then pressed the start button and it opened the black window that starts the game. It was taking a while to start the game, so I pressed start again and it opened another black window. I didn't want this, so I closed both windows and tried to start it again, but ever since it will not start the game! I've tried clicking the start button, double clicking it, triple clicking it, nothing works! Also, every ten seconds or so it goes through the download instantly, you know, to make sure it's complete. I suspect that every time it's doing that it doesn't remember that I wanted to start it, but the time in between each 'download' is such that the window doesn't have enough time to open and start the game! What should I do? Any ideas?
  2. Mine downloaded pretty slow as well, but now I've got a really big problem; the start button will not work. The launcher is checking every ten seconds or so whether or not it needs to download something, and every time it does that it shows a little loading thing next to my mouse. Well, I click, double click, triple click, I even try to click the start button as many times as possible in between these reloads, but nothing happens at all! I cannot get the game to start. Any suggestions as to what I should do?
  3. I've got a couple keys. CMWJH-YCCX6-C7KPX-9K9XD-9PXDZ CMWVH-HJ4YF-W237W-C46KD-VTRVZ
  4. Y'know, I had this exact same thought! I'm not a fan of Black Ops, but the offline multiplayer was great!
  5. I would post my gamertag, but I'd want to know what the prize is first.
  6. Yeah, that's exactly what happened; I had to wait 'till the afternoon to get it to work.
  7. I am also a COD (or was), I have seen Battlefield 3, and I've played a bit of Gears of War; never once, though, have I played a Ghost Recon game (other than GR:FS). I expected a really great game, but I didn't have any of the other GR games to compare it to, so I was pretty open to a different kind of shooter game. And I absoloutely love the beta for FS! The cover system is amazing, I love the gunsmith, and, having played COD: MW3 not twenty minutes ago (I was waiting for the FS server to go back up), I was just itching to get back to FS. I missed the shooting range, the cover system, and the third person perspective; so much that I only played two matches of MW3! I am blown away by the beta for this game, and I cannot wait for the full game to come out! (P.S. The only thing(s) I don't like about the beta is that it is very temperamental with the server working or not, and you can't do ANYTHING on there without the server. A sampler of the other game modes would be fantastic!)
  8. I've gotten a beta key, downloaded the beta, gotten into gunsmith, but whenever I try to join a game it goes immediately to the screen with the Xbox controller and says it's loading, but nothing is happening! I must have been watching the screen for the pas twenty minutes! Any help would be awesome.
  9. It's pretty new. I won't need to run bootcamp though, because we have a Windows computer, I was just hoping I could play it on my Mac.
  10. The title says it all: Will Ghost Recon Online run on the Macintosh?
  11. When is the beta for the US, and how can I get a beta code for it?
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