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  1. Yep WinXP, with two sets of specs available at the time I thought I'd take the plung. Apparently the word is that UBIsoft will be releasing a patch in the next month some time. With misinformation floating around no wonder so many have issues!
  2. Well I finally brought my pre-order of GRFS home loaded it on to my PC and wallah! Future Soldier.exe-unable to locate component This application has failed to start because dxgi.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem. Not a happy camper! Dose anyone know how to deal with this issue?
  3. Yeah, the 28th to be exact, 14 days. Also the other thing that has me puzzled, if I or anyone for that matter bought a PRE-order of a game, (any game) by very definition shouldn’t I get my PRE-order before anyone else, (including consol), before the official release date of the game? I know it's semantics, but am I correct?
  4. Well,... like 101459 I'm a bit jaded now as well. The 14th has come n gone now I have to wait a fortnight before I can pick up my collectors edition. I told the dude at EB if i get screwed around again I'll probably go for the new ver UFO enemy unknown and or Alien Colonial Marines! Hell, it's my money they have in advance!
  5. Well the 14th has come and gone, I've just found out that my collector’s tin of GRFS won't be available till the 28th now. Yes it’s good that the UBIsoft spend a bit more time to iron out all the glitches and bugs but be warned UBIsoft, the patience of customers can only be tested for so long before PC fans start leaving the franchise in droves! The lesson learnt is valuable though.
  6. Ok, ok I won't mention that issue again! I can't seem to do anything right on this forum with out certain bloodhounds screaming blue murder after every mistake, if it's not Sigs it's something I'm in breach of! I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. Ok have your little cliques then, obviously I'm not good enough for this forum. I'll get on with my life, Bye.
  7. As I mentioned earlier, most times I wouldn't be able to even start a game, most times it would freeze at the main screen or just restart windows. But it wouldn't happen all the time,...strange, sometimes I could play it for 10 minutes solid and then it would freeze or restart XP. On another front, it was a nightmare trying to get a no DVD fix for it, most I tried wouldn't work. I wish developers would allow games to start without the DVD. What is the best way to find out the version of a particular game?
  8. Well after about 2 years I reinstalled GRAW onto my system again, and then I remembered why I dumped it in the first place! I can't believe how glitchy and full of bugs the game was. Constantly freezing up and or restarting windows on me, it's a shame because the little I played of it it was great. I also at the time downloaded a no dvd crack so I wouldn't wear out my dvd drive. lol Has anyone else experienced the same issues out there, and if so what did you do to fix it?
  9. I wasn't sure where to put the thread. I think it just frustrated me, I'm used to "the kill" at distance like in the other games in the Clancy stable. Perhaps I might just put Splinter cell in the bottom draw for a while, see what eventuates?
  10. I've got the signature edition of GRFS for PC on the way, but for the mean time I picked up Splinter Cell Chaos Theory & Pandora Tomorrow, a double shot Orange box in the specials bin in EB Games. I had no probs loading and running the games technically, although I was a bit disappointed in playing the titles. The first, one I played I couldn't even get off the beach at the start to get to the lighthouse, what's with that? The second, I couldn't even sneak under a bridge without getting spotted, (even after ducking and moving slowly through the water). Well for $20.00 in the bargain bin I didn't expect much anyway. I've uninstalled and they'll go back Monday no doubt. Has anyone else felt the same about these two titles?
  11. In Australia I can get Tee shirts, Wallets, truckers caps. https://www.ebgames....ldier---Out-Now But no statue??
  12. These yanks don't know a good game of football! lol Rugby League forever!
  13. Good on ya Jody, great to see another Aussie on the forum, another one of us roaches non-the-less. lol
  14. The first game of the state of Origin starts tonight, go the blues, Go NSW! After a six season losing streak they deserve it.
  15. In previous posts your attitude is one of Ubisoft owing you (the consumer) something. What's Ubisoft doing, they're manufacturing a product that's all. Mmmm, unresolved, can Mods please clean a few posts?
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