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  1. yes sir i played under the name BsR_eXodus Hey eXdous, this is BsR_Reaper. It's been a while. I'm not sure where most of the old school guys E&E'd to but I do know that there are a few ppl from RAV that play BF3 and COD. When GRAW hit, this series went downhill and I've pretty much been schooling nubs in BF3. Im not sure what the general consensus of the PC players is on Future Soldier, but it doesn't appeal to me. If you're looking to run and gun again somewhere, shoot me a line here. Hey Reaper ,,how ya been..i remember RuggButt he was the squad leader right? I was there when th
  2. yes sir i played under the name BsR_eXodus sup eXodus i play as Renegade Xcal i now play arma 2 and also waiting for arma 3 dont think ill be playing grfs i dont really like where they are taking the ghost recon game these days hiya Renegade ..ya im not sure if ill get get GRFS or not ......most of the PC games are made for counsle units and the pc version are and after thought.....do ya know where the other Xcal members are like..Bassman,RangerX,Ronin,Orgazmo,there was a mexican dude but cant remember his name,Kman,... . Well right now im playin BF3 under the name TheBurgRat.....if
  3. is there any servers running the oringinal GR series anymore?
  4. Looking for some old school GR players from back in the day 2001-2004 or so. My username was eXodus and was in the X_cal and BsR clans.........used to know alot of players in the = SEALZ= and =RAV= clan . I have been playin alot of FPS games under the the name BurgRat sence then. Used to ladder on THE RUMBLE ladder for GR if anyone remembers that ladder. Im thinking about buying the the next GR FS game for PC of course. I would like to talk with some of the old schoolers if your still around.lol. drop me post on here . thanks.
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