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  1. Hi, Despite all warnings I have bought the game. Anyways, I am up for some coop and pvp. My ulpay nick is: gvsb Please provide your nicks. hope to see ya out there! Btw, I am EU, gmt +1
  2. People also talk of the lack of proper support for 16:10 resolutions (i.e. black bars), which is another sign of a sloppy console port. This worries me as 16:10 is my resolution as well. I have seen the game in some stores already today and was really tempted but decided to wait at least till Friday to see what the outcome of patching is. Some gaming sites (eurogamer, gamestop) report PC problems so that might put a bit more pressure on ubi. Btw, having watched some gameplay videos. I gotta say the game does look fun!
  3. Thank you for the input. What about the multiplayer connectivity though? I have just looked at the ubi forum and it's full of complaints about disconnetions and inability to join rooms. I am asking here as I tend to take outcries at developer/publisher's forum with a grain of salt.
  4. Hi folks, The game is out for pc and, as expected, the ubi forum is deluged with complaints about graphics and connection issues. It's not out in my place till Friday and so before I decide whether to get it or not I was wondering if you would share your opinions on the pc version: 1. Are the resolutions really messed up (black bars)? Have the patches fixed them? 2. Are you getting connection problems in pvp mulitplayer games? 3. Anything else?
  5. OK, thanks for the input. I am very curious about enemy AI as they can easily break the sense of immersion if they are moronic. Im having a blast now in Arma2 post 1.60 patch and all the recent betas whereas prior to that I would quit missions due to frustration.
  6. Hello folks, A question for those who have the game: what do you think of the replay value of the SP portion. Are there alternative routes, different ways to accomplish goals, is enemy AI challenging, how open are maps (splinter cell: conviction-open or larger?), and what changes once you increase game difficulty (lower health, more accurate AI, etc.)?
  7. I have been looking forward to this review too. It was promised to be up weeks ago I think . Seriously though, post it please, and you can add whatever is relevant to pc later on. I haven't got the game, been wanting to play it for some time, and now the delay.
  8. Well, I have provided an example of the disparity: Deluxe edition is listed to have Drilling Ship as a coop map while I have seen that map being played in siege mode (pvp) here:
  9. Hi folks, Does anybody have a rundown of the different editions that will be available for PC and what they will contain? Specifically I am getting confused by which additional maps are available with what package: are those extra maps for multiplayer pvp, only for coop guerrilla, or for both. For instance, Steam says that the deluxe edition has: On the other hand I did see an xbox version video where a player was commenting on siege mode on the drilling ship. Also, which maps does the Signature Edition contain, and again are they for coop, pvp or both?
  10. This is Ubi-mush form ubi forums: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/669038-Will-there-be-ranked-dedicated-servers-for-PC/page3
  11. Ive seen this. Tacky beyond belief.
  12. It might be me, but having watched some of the footage the game seems quite easy (with forgiving health regeneration, easy enemy AI, unfair invisible camo) and linear ("clear" messages after you eliminate all opposition point to a scripted experience, waypoint markers, relatively small sandboxes). Any opinions on this? Right now it looks a lot like Conviction with 3 more guys and a switch to first person view while aiming. Thoughts?
  13. Hi folks. I have found this preview of the game to be well written and informative. It's not for PC but given the PC version is to be pretty much the same as console then it's a good indication of what to expect. Enemy AI seems not to be the sharpest tool in the shed. PREVIEW LINK
  14. Hmmm, once you log in to your Ubisoft account on the GRO webpage, it should present you with a large PLAY NOW button. Poeple from GRO official forum apparently got messages form support that they cannot redeem beta keys as beta is not supported in their countries. If this indeed is the case then Ill pass my key to someone. I do want to confirm first so Ill get back here.
  15. I got the key. Thanks Rocky! Now, I do have a problem: after logging in and clicking redeem beta key the page reloads and takes me back to the same redeem beta key page. Am I missing something?
  16. I'd like one too if still available. I did ask for one before and got it from another member but it was invalid (already in use). Thank you!
  17. Not so bad. I was worried the release date might be postponed way further than 15 June. This is the number one game on my gaming radar this year. This and the new Far Cry.
  18. I have some to spare, will PM ya... Anyone else? I have a couple more... If fresh members are eligible then Ill take one, pretty please.
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