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  1. hmm:. How about this? http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1694971-Maintenance-June-28
  2. Im on the fence. I want to like this game because I am tired of the rough edges of Ama3, but combat is too easy with enemy AI having slow reaction time. It's a shame because the world is beautiful and I would like to use the cover of night and rain to slowly approach a mission but it's hardly a necessity so why bother. Missions seem repetitive so far, with the worst being "activate something and then defend the place against hordes of approaching bots." Also I see way too often opportunities to release prisoners so that they provide support: this smacks of Far Cry and AC. The world itself is something to look at, but performance could be better too.
  3. They have some keys to give away: http://www.pcgamer.com/weve-got-some-ghost-recon-wildlands-beta-codes-to-give-away/ I got preload through a friend invite.
  4. mmm Ghost Recon Net twitter says "soon" gotta admit I keep checking my mailbox, the forum here, and twitter way too often today
  5. Thanks for the reply. All this looks really appealing to me. I used to make my own missions like that in Arma3, but that game is so rough around the edges that I gave up on it almost 2 years ago. One more question: it seems like an overkill that your avatar can carry 2 sizable rifles: can you leave one slot empty and instead carry more ammo to your primary weapon?
  6. Is it possible to approach that mission at night? If so how does it work, i.e. in Far Cry there used to be a house where you went and slept till the time when you wanted to do the mission. How is it here? Also, is AI awareness different at night? Finally, if you played solo with ai teammates: do they seem invisible to enemy ai (like in GRFS) or do they actually avoid enemy line of sight?
  7. oh, I thought this might be the case! Ill keep my ear to the ground then. Any conditions that need to be met? readiness to donate both kidneys, etc? ;)
  8. hi guys, is there any chance you will be giving away beta codes? knowing my luck i won't be selected for the closed beta.
  9. Thing is you don't "have to" get it. We knew what the original release consisted of and thus what we were paying for, and no one promised free content down the line. That does not mean I wouldn't be happy if they released it for free if only as a gesture of goodwill towards the customers who received a buggy product.
  10. I have a boxed version too, but nowhere does it say the dlc is coming. It's good news, though!
  11. I think it's harder to prove the "brokenness" of a game as opposed to the oven mentioned in the example above: a game is not a self-standing product, i.e. its operation depends on many other components that comprise each PC, as opposed to an oven, whose operation depends solely on the supply of power. So for me the game works just as it's been designed to work: smooth single player and temperamental multilayer as it it is p2p. I am not denying others' problems with the game but pointing out that it's hard to prove unequivocally that the game is "broken." Aside from that, they declared that they are working on the patch which is supposed to improve performance and network stability so let's hope this works. I must say the pvp is brilliant and highly addictive, alas, the infrastructure supporting it is far from ideal.
  12. Does anybody know whether Arctic Strike is planned for PCs? In case you are wondering, the game is working quite well for me, I love the multiplayer (naturally, apart from the disconnections), and I would like to see more maps.
  13. Affirmative. Downloading as I write.
  14. Guys, A small request: as you enter multiplayer part of the game check you friends tab, and if you see any online send them invites. Also check if you got some. It's the only way we can ever get to play together. I always send invites to ppl who are online, but they never join. I also never ever got an invitation. Btw, I think it won't work via uplay as it lists anyone who is logged into uplay but not necessarily to grfs.
  15. official word is that they will announce the patch once the date is set in stone. Apparently it's the matter of days now. in all honesty, Im not expecting miracles from this patch. performance-wise my game is fine, and neither do i have any problems with input. the disconnections in multiplayer is what bugs me most, but given the peet-to-peer infrastructure, the game will never be perfect.
  16. I added you. however, gmt+8: where are you located? Asia, Australia?
  17. you mean menus in multiplayer lobby? Im on a lousy connection but they have always been quite snappy. could be just a fluke.
  18. OK, thank you! I assume PSN is for PS3 owners while this thread is meant exclusively for PC.
  19. Im so disappointed that a GR fansite has not a single member who'd like to play some GRFS competitive matches on PC! Come on folks, the game is actually fun to play, provided you get into a match without getting disconnected, and it does happen! Collecting our uplay nicks and then sending invites once we enter the lobby should be a good way to have some fun matches.
  20. yep. we had two guys: venge in the US and Retrofasciata in Holland. That was the best, most tactical and most fun multiplayer I have ever had. Retro got some superfast connection with massive upload especially for that game. oh the good times!
  21. Hi folks, The game has no dedis so like other player-hosted games it requires a bit more cooperation from players. When OFP: Dragon Rising was released I got into an organized team and we enjoyed 32-player matches for nearly 1.5years! Anyways, why not list here your uplay nicks so we can add each other in game and then create parties to be able to quickly fill up rooms? My uplay nick is: gvsb xfire: flyingchaucer I'm EU +1GMT but can play mostly mornings and noon I do have a mic and know how to use it Not a good idea for me to host as my upload is miserable but I can give it a go as it's only 12 players max. Oh, fave game mode is 1life-only Siege.
  22. well, you can always play other games with this setup (arma2 comes to mind and the upcoming arma3). The game definitely has bugs, for some gamebreaking ones, but the organized way in which they collect feedback at ubi forum gives me a glimmer of hope that the glitches will be ironed out. I gotta say, PvP can be very exciting IF you can get into a game and not get disconnected. the firefights are exciting and the use of gadgetry, when coordinated, allows to gain advantage over a disorganized team. I do get disconnected a lot, but I also have almost no problems joining games. Once you get into a room and not get disconnected when the game starts you can expect smooth repeat performances. I also enjoy the SP. The on-rails sections are horrible but they are few and far between. Enemy AI can be quite aggressive, throwing nades, emps, flashbangs and suppressing you, and you really appreciate that on Elite when once you die there's no revives. I can see myself playing some missions again. Guerrilla, while not interesting to me, shows you how decent enemy ai is, especially when you play on your own. So, here's hoping that they fix MP pvp for good!
  23. I got the game today evening and actually managed to play mp pvp for a good while, including Siege mode. That was really nice, although I dunno what im doing yet, dont know the maps and advantages of classes. Early days yet and I might be too optimistic, but I do see potential in this game. I really hope they iron out connectivity glitches cause once you get into a game everything seems quite smooth (I noticed random lag of one player but otherwise it was good).
  24. Hmm, I have just played two matches. Correct me if I am wrong but you can create a room with everything unlocked, which renders XP points redundant and fixes your problem.
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