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  1. oh so us kiwi's arent good enough either aye ummmmm sorry couldnt help myself " kiwi
  2. yeah and when you spend lots of time with them you get used to it and dont notice eventually.......its only for a start it can be a little disconcerting
  3. I have, my daughter had a friend about 4 years ago who has it and it can be funny as he didnt mind us laughing at what he said kiwi
  4. Okay i just checked my ghost recon folder and there is no manual in any form that i can see in any folders.........i have retail cd's and printed manual so unless its still on the cd you dont get one installed when you instal the game........i also have both addons as well with printed manuals. kiwi
  5. If you dont want them all going with you leave two of the teams back at the start point and just use the team you want i have done that when i cant be bothered worrying about 3 teams kiwi
  6. My first FPS was the demo for Ghost recon beginning of 2002 and then i bought the retail version a couple of months later after exhausting the multi with a friend........i wanted more it was totally addictive kiwi
  7. okay thanks just thought i should check first its only going on www.freefalcon.com a flight sim site the guys have a warped sense of humour like all you guys here kiwi
  8. Hey Tollen can i link to one of your pics please to show on another site " i dont have a site i can host pics and i would only link to one not all of them pretty please kiwi
  9. I wish someone would have told me that before I installed Dx9. As soon as I can get the program you told me about, I'm repartitioning, reinstalling Windows, and getting rid of Dx9. I have 98se and run latest dx9 and never had a problem with it at all kiwi
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