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  1. Hiya Zebb ! Long time no see šŸ˜› Hope you are good mate, still riding the motorcycle ? I am retired, but still work a lot on various projects for family and friends. Say Hi to Barmy and Crowman if you come across them. Cheers
  2. Hi mate ty for the pdf, yes its in the folder. Turns out he can change settings, and though he saves them to new or resisting, they donĀ“t save. Also in MP settings name of player is greyed out.
  3. My son just got a new computer, put some old HD in it and Ghost Recon was on that disk. Game starts fine but he canĀ“t make any changes to anything within game. I do not have any install media. any thoughts ?
  4. LOL... See you on 07/06/06 We can do this all again in 07/07/2007
  5. LOL...... What nonsense !!! In july they will announce GR4 coming in 2007 !!! ..... Like Nightcrawler said a year ago:
  6. Here is a guy that joined up with BF2net and was very sceptical about it. He, like many others was fed up with the game becoz of the public server outrage. He joined up but was thinking of quitting... didnt think it was worth the money. But he agreed to play in one battle first... Here is a post from him after he played battle 1:
  7. Yes, and thats the way to keep the kiddies out. $ 3 a month for all that is just a joke...
  8. Its fairly easy to join. If you have paypal it takes 10-15 mins to get the confirmation mail. Fee is $ 9 for 3 months !! New tour is kicking off this week. tour is 3 months. Div training is once a week, and its really fun to go on public servers with these players. they rock ! This is set up as a military unit and you have a certain role, Sometimes AT, sometimes C4 duty, sometimes Assault...etc. We play 2 times a week for 10 hours each time ! You can join and leave as you want, and there is no obligation to play more than you want. RSi has 8 players there now. Its really the BF2 i wanted to see. We are all in the 3IF, 18 (Armor) and 21(Inf) divisions. So we play in the same battles, even if we are in seperate divisions. There is also PLA and US armys.. SF and Airforce are invite only and require a Cpl rank. You start Rct (recruit and get Pfc ( Private first Class) after bootcamp If you join up you can ask to be put in the same army/div, if you join as a team, that way you can play and practise together. Its really worth the $ 9 !
  9. pfffffffff.... why aint I suprised ! The ###### cant get the game to work on Xbox 360, and PC community has to wait ! pfff again
  10. Update We are still having problems with the Red-sector domain. Ive set up a 2nd domain www.mainbrain.us So until we get our old back thats gonna be active. The webpage works and all links also. The forum still has a few functions (search, new posts ) not working 100 %, but I hope to get that working also.
  11. yup, seems when you post, it will not show the post until you browse back a page and refresh.
  12. We are currently having some problems with our dns host, so our webpage and forum, is offline. Hope this resolves quickly. edit: Got this working, but not all features do... http://host220.ipowerweb.com/~redsecto/forums/ YOU HAVE TO BROWSE TO THE POSTS, SINCE THE SEARCH FEATURE ISNT WORKING. SHOW NEW POSTS NOT WORKING
  13. We are so proud to announce that we had a 24/7 dedi up and running in U.S.A. Our server is hosted at Server Matrix in Dallas TX. Our box is a Dell Poweredge 400SC running 3.2GHz HT 1024MB IP is Feel free to jump in for some games. Red Sector.inc (www.red-sector.com)
  14. ........... Had a blast !!! Great team effort guys !
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