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  1. i think u need my icq...doh! 204024364. thanx
  2. i'm sorry i haven't been on yet it's just my email has been playing up and i needed to get it sorted...but i do have an icq number now so ppl can get in touch if they wish....so if brain from alphasquad reads this i haven't been avoiding u i have been having problems getting in touch with u... thanx Debs
  3. Glad to know that i can make people laugh............ it's my aim in life.
  4. sorry to dissapoint u but 6 years is a bit too young for me . but i do hope to see u online to see what u can do with a gun...lol or so to speak. . but thanx for the welcome and i will be on line for a game soon so if i give u my msn and email u can let me know when ur on so i can give u a game. debbie_ellis@btinternet.com hope to see u soon, Deb
  5. i've said it once and i'll say it again now. Thank u so much guys i couldn't have done it with out u
  6. to stay on the same subject i can't seem to find the GR 1.4 upgrade and i can't get on the server to have a game as it says i have the wrong software. can i ask for help again on this please. (typical blonde can't do anything for myself.)
  7. Thanx for all the help guys . and i'll see u all soon i hope
  8. Dont mean to sound like a typical woman here but.....I can't find them please please please help me coz it's driving me mad , i spent 2 hours looking for them last night and if i don't find them soon i'll go crazy. Thanx Deb
  9. Saddling up as we speak... . I'm with u
  10. Oh and why i have ur attention can i please ask u where i get my favourite weapon from, i know it's probably rubbish in everyone else's eyes but i love it and play well with it. It the styer aug with silencer and granade launcher. If any one can help with this i would love them forever. Thanx Deb
  11. Ok i have GR with desert seige and i have tried some new mods to c what they were like but instead of being able to use it it crashes me back to my desktop. And i just need to know why it's doing this and if i can do anything to right this problem. i Think the mod that is doing it is Sniper amoury, as thats the only one i had on when it kept doing this. so if anyone has some helpful tips then they would be highly appreciated. Thanx Debs
  12. Thanx for the reply but i think i have found a clan, if they agree to have me of course. . but hey i'll keep myself known on here i promise. thanx Deb
  13. Well thanx everyone for making me feel welcome. . i'll be on to play tomorrow night at some point (or at least when my little girl has gone to bed..lol. And as for ppl emailing me sorry boys but i'm already taken . but cool to hear that ppl who r playing live not too far away . so where ever ppl r playing tomorrow let me know and i'll try to be there. thanx for the warm welcome guys and gals, (can't forget the gals. ) cya all tomorrow hopefully Debs
  14. hi all, i was wondering if anyone was recruiting at the minute as i really want to join . I am 23 female and come from the uk, i have been playing GR now for about a year and also play alot of other online games such as sof2 (for which i used to be in a clan) so if u r interested to have me in ur clan then u can always reach me on my msn.....debbie_ellis@btinternet.com. thanx for ur time. Deb
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