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  1. I'll be picking up my copy later today and plan on playing lots of guerrilla mode, I'll send you a FR M0rtal Treas0n. My GT is NerveHammer, for anyone interested in adding me. Peace out...
  2. Couldn't agree more with you. Not a huge Black Ops fan but the Combat Training mode was worth the full purchase price. I logged more hours there than in campaign and online MP combined.
  3. I completely agree with you. Bot-play MP is a must!!!
  4. Looks like a pretty cool game mode. I like the idea that you have to first take the objective, then fight off waves of attackers to keep it. I just hope that these"exclusive" maps don't stay exclusive for too long. All they serve to do is fragment the community by preventing certain people from playing with others based solely on where they bought or pre-ordered their copy of the game at. Other than that I am pumped for this release! Peace out...
  5. GT: NerveHammer Avatar: male Thanks!
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