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  1. Looks good as ever zee!
  2. Hey, this is the theme you are after:
  3. Impressive new weapon showcase from SMA
  4. Jeza

    DA 4.9

    Looky here http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8572&page=2 Issues with ownership I believe, not sure if resolved.
  5. Nice But you should post here first and copy and paste to groundbranch, not the other way round...priorities Led!
  6. Well SP is Coop because no campaign is Siege: http://www.onlysp.com/rainbow-six-siege-has-no-actual-single-player-story-mode/ Sadface.
  7. Actually had a lot of fun playing coop, its not R6 of old like my favorites I still roll through Rogue Spear and Raven Shield campaign twice a year or so but if you can get past that and take it as (maybe remove rainbow siix from the name ) coop can be a lot of fun, played for a few hours last night: Don't breach like @16m25s
  8. So I went and bought it yesterday, had a quick go today, seems very solid this far:
  9. Nice goal, but if someone hoofted the ball that high up in the Arsenal team they'd face the firing squad the following morning.
  10. hahahahaha, I can see how someone having to watch scotish football might think so
  11. Le Arsenal being Le Arsenal
  12. It is the latest , you can tell by the T90 But those units the Marsoc or w/e haven't been updated yet.... Oh and the second screen is not lovely....its the greatest shot ever taken......ever!
  13. Its thrown in with either RHS or TRYK as far as I am aware so I don't need to run it on its own now (I think at least?). The rest is RobHammers M4/M16 pack, RHS, TRYK and yes indeedy RealLight V6 with some custom LUTs. On our server we have a massive choice of faces and Uniforms and gear ect to choose from thanks to RHS TRYK ect and she is my latest loadout I've setup to load when I play on enemy assault CTI .
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