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  1. Whoever does not should!
  2. Awesome! Will record a playthrough when its ready.
  3. Yeah its solid, there all on race department, lot of camera mods there btw. Still wish I could get a trainer to get credits or other stages in the career, can't stand the mini's ect
  4. 1pt of the Top Rocky, you daring to dream yet?
  5. Restores some faith for me in larger dev/pubs that they can deliver the type of sim everyone was asking for.
  6. Led looky http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/dirt-rally-enhanced-camera-control-mod.6143/
  7. Same also win 7 64 no worries with steam version, think I had to tinker with the disc versions as wombat says, aside from that your good to go
  8. Was kinda hoping for both first and 3rd, but from what I see of 3rd they seem to pull it off pretty well.
  9. Something at E3 I'd guess. As skeptical as I am with a certain company, I have high hopes for this installment,
  10. Found this in my playlist, probobaly shared before, but here it is anyhow:
  11. Lame.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff7HeMwuzHs
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