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  1. Wait and see also my end, also agreed that it'll be I imagine what you make of it. I'll pick it up at somepoint just no massively hyped by it as of yet maybe that will change, but regardless I kind of like the idea of 4 player coop blowing up stuff on an open map for an hour or two. Also it says they are ghost at the end of that trailer......With that many explosions and ###### going down I'd describe them as poltergeists.
  2. Epic, and sexy, i may marry her.
  3. Playing some Everybody's gone to the rapture:
  4. Look look, look what she gone did!! Soz alex it got me excited so I posted your work for you https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/189290-zee-m107-announcement/page-3
  5. Yeah I have a couple of people in my friends list who have around 150+ hours on it already, seems if you like it it'll suck you in. Not got it yet myself.
  6. Mind if I share this with Unsung ArmA Nam mod chaps?
  7. Excellent work and find on it many thanks
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