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  1. 1 hour ago, shakealeg1212 said:

    happy birthday jeza! one of your GR videos popped up on youtube and i watched it today lol 


    Chan has own Tactical shooter part for greatness, 155 vids and counting, mostly OGR and Rogue Spear,H&D2,Swat ect :)


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  2. Played Squad for around a year now on and off, while it can be truly fantastic with a squad of friends working together, really don't think its something similar to OGR, of course there is a tactical elements with and again as its  important a working squad, it has none of the OGR features outside that and as far as I am aware they are not planning SP/Coop which is the bread and butter of OGR. Played last night for a few hours recorded a bit below, again some great moments, while I understand its a free weekend so new people came in I've experienced the below many a time pre that:

    With arma 3 and I think lightspeed is a ver big advocate of this, it can be very OGR like, the feeling's are there (particularly in lightspeeds missions) but the capabilities are expanded vastly, of course arma / OFP has had its issues a plenty over the part 15'ish years of which I've played around 10 it really can be a decent alternative to OGR. However probably known by few that I am a big advocate of Ground Branch and having one of the Devs on OGR working on a small squad based tactical shooter does bring back those 'feels' and I think once the financial and working constraints are dealt with it hopefully will be a direct 2017/18 alternative to OGR. If for whatever reason your not a fan of GB (of which I know there are several and some on this forum) that fine then I would suggest maybe keep an eye on the 'remake' of insurgency on UE4, which is to feature SP campaign and of course Coop and TvT ect, it certainly has my attention not that we have really seen anything of it yet. 

    However the best remedy really is.......in just over a days time DL the new heroes unleashed and go back into the real thing :)

    (Forgive me for not mentioning wildlands once, although I suspect it will be fun no doubt I really don't count it in the same bracket of any of the above mentioned). 

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  3. I would be very interested (and this goes for BF as well) In: A return to WWII (with a good SP campaign) or Vietnam, what I really think would be an interesting one is Korea 50-53 I think its right up BF's alley so to speak, you can have huge epic battles in SP and MP (Think China coming over the border) plus some SF stuff behind enemy lines, be it with Brit detachment or other, on top of that you can add it 'secret battles' as US engaging soviet and Chinese aircraft, it would be very interesting. 

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  4. I was thinking in chat, for a message which does not need to be pm, would it be possible to @ someone then when the login they get a notification that they were mentioned in chat and it takes them to that message in the chat history? Just an idea :) Thanks for the continued work chaps.

  5. On 10/30/2016 at 05:37, Lightspeed said:

    You will note that Jeza uses a very open attack style, pretty much releasing his Ghosts to fire at will.

    And seriously, if someone says I played OFP once and I didn't like it - I will slap them.




    1.: +1 True, don't be following my SP game style....its a little risky :D

    2. Yup same here!

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  6. Late very late, but incase you still wondering, name your general 'gen1' (or anything) then create a trigger and at bottom there is a drop down box choose 'End 1' and in activation box put !this alive gen1 . Then okay, sync that trigger to your general, done & done.

    (If you or anyone else ever has an issue with mission making download this it has everything, I've used it for the best part of 10 years and its great
    http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4847 )

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