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  1. Looking forward to storming the POW camp big time!
  2. ArmA 3: Ground Branch Coop:
  3. So after removing the OGR thoughts from my mind and just taking the game for what it is I played through beta in Coop and did have a lot of fun. I'll try and purchase it for the £30 off the legit key sites, although that is my entire weeks food money gone. (urgh being student for 5 years sucks!)
  4. You lost your limb......!!!!
  5. This time around we use HU. AI overhaul being big reason, plus all the content obviously.
  6. I had the same, it stayed blank for 4 or 5 seconds then it loaded its webpage with all its snazzy features and stuff so maybe that's it.
  7. New build including the big tankership, just played through, was great fun.
  8. Good post, interesting points. At first I read with raven shield not since which almost gave me a heart attack The way they market it 'these days' maybe down to the fact that they can do bombastic, adult (and I'm with you in using that word loosely) things and have them aimed at a younger age range I guess around 8-16yrs could be because those children are able to purchase these games themselves now. Before walking into a store in that age group trying to get a 18+ Ubi title at least in the UK you would get turned away, now digital delivery is the simplest and easiest form to get your game
  9. Happy belated birthday rocky I missed it all was away we had massive party plans Thanks for all the work you continue to put in to support great games and keep like minded people in tough I imagine it may come at some personal cost at times, but we all very very much appreciate it (also goes for the rest of the team and modders). Cheers!
  10. Got this as a gift on steam for birthday, looking forward to playing it when released on PC, that said cant imagine buying boxed content anymore unless its a collector edition of something I really wanted, last time I thought of that was Tomb Raider as you get statue metal box all that cool snaze but aside from that yeah not surprising far more convenient digital stuff.
  11. Okay..........maybe cus I called it 'cams'. https://www.dropbox.com/s/41xf0ld95h7omts/cams.rar?dl=0
  12. Unsure where I go it.....So I just uploaded the ones I have in my directory including that: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6qcsxah9mZRSDlhMi1BWEM3ZUE/view?usp=sharing
  13. Moscow is one....another is when you have to stop russian dudes stealing the gas or something, maybe one more.....
  14. Yeah i noticed is well, wasnt me lol its still the 3rd_person_OTS_64bit version. It was a bug I think with using the special soldier and that certain weapon setup of the sniper rifle and MK18....I think......or I did something without knowing I did something.
  15. Here are some SP campaign stuff, enjoy:
  16. Chan has own Tactical shooter part for greatness, 155 vids and counting, mostly OGR and Rogue Spear,H&D2,Swat ect
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