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  1. You are as always invited, however, one would need to turn up and kick that night job in the ass. Little updated Nutlink myself and Det, tried to join with the line into context Xml, however tells us mod is running miss-match when we are running just bret's stuff
  2. Hello all Myself and a few others have revisited GRAW2, having a good time as well. However one issue we're having is, we would like to use brettzies and/or Snows Weapon pack ideally Weapon masters. But its a .bat to launch the mod, with gameranger once the host ready's the server it launches your game for you and your straight in, so it negates the .bat launch. You can change the option of the exe it uses to launch but it only lets you use applications i.e exes not .bat. So any ideas how to play online and getting these mods to work at the same time? Thanks for your time. Some gameplay
  3. Cool stuff indeed, hope it works out well for you, looking forward to it.
  4. Weirdly enough I stumbled across this myself recently, kudos on the job, was rather happy to find it actually had just finished listening to the audio book Edit: Can you think of a reason why mission two maybe crashing once the loading screen completes? Have RS as main priority with HU second.
  5. Quick update to anyone who may have had the same issue, seems now we have a fix. Link: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/735949-Rogue-Spear-Workaround-For-ATI-AMD-Owners
  6. An OCIW is an assault rifle, the gl means grenade launcher. GR one IS very tactical, however turning up on a server with a bunch of randoms, your not always going have a good outcome, pvp in GR can be great and very tactical just have a look at some of the videos on youtube and the stuff 'tacticalopsquad' lot do, as for myself , even with all of that I always find Coop a far more enjoyable experience, and in GR Coop can show you the true meaning of a tactical shooter, but again with the right crowd, playing with players who have their drills down and go in with somewhat of a plan, sometimes it can be border line serious but its still fun at the same time. Even 2 player coop is just as good as any (case in point a video here of myself and a friend ) but again, try and get some players to play with and as your new learn from as well, because as I said before you cannot always rely on john doe to be the player you want him to. Regards Jeza
  7. Looks very cool love the gear and the MP5 models, great stuff, downloaded r6 off my gog.com account earlier had a right old laugh, look forward to future updates, thanks for the work Regards Jeza
  8. May be relevant here; I always always, ask permissions before posting/hosting anyones work on modsaholic, moreover in this community i'll make a point of always directly contacting the author with a pm tailored to his mod, and won't post without a reply of course however if someone would like their releases automatically put up please give me a shout so i can add yourselves to the 'good to go' list. (again seemed the most relevant place to post this) Kind regards Jeza
  9. Looks sweet, each coop week gives me a chance to try every mod I haven't tried which is most, so each weeks a new treat!
  10. Edit: Reg'd if someone could validate when they get the chance
  11. ah thanks i did go there, but didnt post for some reason, my bad. And yeah couple of us staff on armaholic setup this project alongside armaholic and see how it goes.
  12. Hello all I bought rainbow six 1 off gog to get it to work on vista which it did, and still have cd for the complete rogue spear series, i've tried a few times in the past to install but just get a crash on start up. So before i try everything under the sun from google on how to get it done, I thought here would be my first stop, so has anyone been able to get rogue spear working on vista64 or heard of a credible solution? Thanks for your time. Jeza
  13. Jeza


    Not a vet , but had an appy which went very south couple of years back after out of icu few months down the line after cognitive therapy sessions, turned out I had PTSD, still taking 40mg propranolol every now and again, but having the beating of it almost. I cannot try to comprehend war related PTSD , but if only in a small degree have some understanding of what they must be going through.
  14. Since had net, always had big speak system 7.1 and sound card sub ect ect, but Riley, you legend, just tried this, (aside from it going up to max and blowing out my ear-drums the first time) its utterly brilliant, never tried headphones with anything gaming really, but fits perfect with GR many thanks!
  15. Indeed, but I wouldn't say its just younger people playing games such as BF3 or COD who want real targets or enemies, just in arma 2 itself there have been hundreds of authentic addons created by the community (which has a predominately older gaming community and many ex military folk) which depict real life locations and enemies or playable opfor, I personally greatly enjoy the variation because it creates a new atmosphere, one moment you can have generic usmc in takistan vs 'militia' but with the download of a mod your in Chechen as a rebal fighting the russians, I think these types of addons cater to all age group especially the older ones as this maybe their respective area of interest in military history. As you mentioned previous instalments have never used real world locations, but more real world data i.e chernarus was based on an area in the czech republic, so it will be interesting if they do indeed carry on the trait or actually start using place names , it appear that this time it could be the latter as its already called limnos which of course as we know is indeed a real place.
  16. Will try and get some time to pop on this weekend for sure, empty house for a week for 7.1 of GR death thuds up at max, good luck tonight to you all taking part, will try and record some when i pop on as well.
  17. Cheers guys. Fun times, and yeah I'll have to find a bleep button! As for mouse movement, I think he's on about sensitivity, which is a bit high my end as well, but sure that's simple enough to solve!
  18. Hello all, new here but thought I would share some fun of a recent game I had tonight, greatly enjoy the game still for virtually a decade and the mods in the community make it even better, so here's some fun gameplay moments from myself. cheers Jeza. (im the less loud non scotish one )
  19. I remember ten years back or so a number of brits were arrested over there for the same thing. What's curious is they understandably or not were said to be taking pictures of military installations, however from what I can deduce, lemnos is within a de-militarized area, there was/is a treaty is place, if all being true not so sure why there are military bases there anyway. Indeed given the tensions within the region its understandable, one person pointed out that when viewing the airport from google earth you could clearly see a military arm of the airport itself, so clearly they are serious in what they do, as for espionage...as mentioned here the government condemned arma 3 being set there so possibly they could just be getting their own back, still seems blury weather or not they were breaking the law, but don't forget this is part of a firm linked to bohemia simulations and in that you'd think some political backup with the likes of the US/UK buying their product VBS.
  20. Thanks for putting up the server, new here but been playing Gr1 since around about release, first time coop recently so I'll try pop on for a game sometime. Thanks.
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