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  1. Anyone want to see a dog humping another dog in 4k?
  2. I have both disc and steam as I'm sure many people here do. Steam takes care of the patching for you so that's a plus, its been stable with all the mods I have tried but that may not be the same for every case? But assuming so for ease if nothing else steam maybe the way to go.
  3. Nice shots there hammer Here's how she plays 4k very high, made a little vid
  4. I hear its fantastic so I'll invest on the next sale I think.
  5. Cheeky bit of GTA V in 4k
  6. lolol And watch out seems isis have a space program.
  7. Strike!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Its Audiobooks and podcasts my end, not really tried out music, plus having an audio book on medicine when your meant to be studying it rather than playing games makes me think at least im kinda studying
  9. Two from me, the unbeaten and beating the champions at their place to be champions
  10. Ps when you get into scripting, just imagine your end goal can be this.....and that's all the motivation you'll need. Introducing the A130AC130M1A1Tusk, the future of the USAF
  11. That point most prominently shown for me when the Project Reality guys came in in ArmA 2 to make a mod and some of the reception they got from members new and old was disgusting, admittedly on both sides. But yeah bis community not so nice that said I've made some good online company there but there does seem a significant amount of elitism there not sure if its based on postcount or join date ect ect. But as crash said your doing something completely unique which is rather rare in a modding community (and of quality) so that should be something to keep you motivated as well.
  12. Loved the Jedi academy series and oddly enough when I was young I loved playing through the phantom menace. Rather hoping battlefront is going to be good.
  13. I'll let you have 13 more, but no more after that.
  14. My end, at i.e arma map http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?123142-West-Kent-Map-UK-WIP I think the worst aspect is poor community tools and then having to use sometimes third party stuff which is a pain. The map making tools for Ofp/ArmA up until 2 (not tried 3) just made it an incredibly tedious job, and once you have got your sat mask ect, then you have to place thousands of objects down and thinking forward it seems like a massive slog. What kept me going for a little while was going into game and seeing the work I had done and enjoying playing around in something I created. However sad ending, my motivation stopped and I quit!
  15. All great, then you see these guys....I mean they aren't even holding down right mouse!!
  16. Yeah sorry I did not mention that was with the HK pack.
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