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  1. I think most would agree Vietcong and its expansion are the top dogs interms of vietnam, that said there are not that many dogs! Line of site was fun, but was not really my cup of tea. The atmosphere created in Vietcong is still fantastic. As for A.i. they'll use all cover available to them run around to other bits of cover, and later on when you get to face NVA you should notice they are slightly better at this. So I would take a shot at it if you have the chance. Indeed nothing much new on the name front, but keep an eye on incountry, it was going to be an RO2 mod but I think they've gone standalone. http://www.incountrygame.com/
  2. +1 millions, still roll through both campaigns twice a year for god knows how long My retreat did not go to plan here Awesome game
  3. probably should be studying... and its funny that I always end up back at the start. Rogue Spear and OGR.
  4. Re going through the mission list.......again! Chalet today!
  5. Here's mine ingame from Pcars, 4k @ max settings (minus max AA) To be honest I don't think you can go wrong with AC though. Try and invest in a wheel and peddles when you get the chance though
  6. Fair play that is a impressive drive indeed.
  7. So what is that going to do when I paste it in? In there a good one for AC as well?
  8. barely related but just saw this on BBC
  9. Bought G27 you mentioned for this and PCars, will install once Im home from Uni, looking forward to it.
  10. I think they are more they want to put their efforts where they will get most ££/$$ at the end of the day. And if they remastered it I think the genunine tactical shooter is still a niche market and to their eyes not worth of any financial gain to the effort required. Also Ubi won't remaster it, they'll 're-imagine' which is short hand for perks, kill streaks and pretty much destroying the game we all remembers name ala Rainbow Six Siege. Cynical I know but.....its Ubisoft.
  11. Indeed you'll have much fun! ps Rangers or Celtic?
  12. Happy Bday X3!!! Geeez But you are getting old............
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