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  1. Best of this weeks haul
  2. Jeza

    gif thread:

  3. good luck to him and his team, hope they've learnt from the last 24 months.
  4. If Delta want to wear Oakley's thats their business
  5. Great find thanks, must of missed this.
  6. Great post. These days I tend to remove the name from the game, especially in the cases of Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six, that way I can look at them as another shooter that might be fun to play now and again, and not expect them to turn into something I'm playing 10-15 years down the line I.e OGR and Rogue Spear ect. I hold out a bit more hope for Rainbow as Rocky said terror hunt might be something worth looking at, but I'll take both as they are not as what they were.....because that ship has long sailed off into the sunset.
  7. Ah the G27 and playing this.....######**** corners, stupid tree why are you exactly inbetween my headlights again. But fun.
  8. zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee happy birthday !!!!
  9. Maybe put up a donation button on the webby so some of us can donate each month or quarter to it?
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