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  1. Replaying some old stuff
  2. Must....Blow....######....UP
  3. The missile is unsure if it should strike my plane or just dance around it apparently.
  4. LOL http://youtu.be/nSaZkHYmSdE
  5. Annnd back to some swat 4
  6. Hit me up mate, I remember when they came out and all the lads I knew who didn't have VBS full licensed went and got this...except me, so I'd like the opportunity pleaaase.
  7. Quality stuff there burner, I've become a big fan of Reshade since using RealLight in ArmA 3, good to see there is a significant amount of games they support.
  8. As far as Im aware they retreated pretty quick once the APCs went down, I think maybe the tank left them be or just backed off.
  9. Have a look here matey https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/131307-cant-install-baf-pmc-dlc-on-windows8-acr-installs-fine/ https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/125107-arma-2-on-windows-8/#post2166361
  10. Using some pretty lights in ArmA atm, A10's have some good brrrrrt
  11. Oh that's my mission
  12. You gotta get this one.
  13. That is the movie as far as I am aware.
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