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  1. 9 hours ago, Nodrog1061 said:

    Have you tried using the software in compatibility mode try "Windows XP service pack 2"

    Yeah, no joy. It seems as if its running but just there is a black screen in place, as I know the exit button is on the top right so, when I click in that area vbs closes. Odd especially how it worked fine first time.

    Edit: So I changed the config to 1920x1080, previously I had it set at my native 2560x1440 and now it works. I guess that was the problem. Oddly enough It will play in my native resolution but will not launch in it.

  2. On 06/08/2020 at 17:45, Nodrog1061 said:

    I've managed to successfully get the USAL version to work so I've uploaded it to mega and this is the link below 


    i am in the works of trying to find a copy of JCOVE thats not damaged and or repair the one provided from the original post  

    so hopefully @Marcos Curtis this may help you


    ( edit stupidly the files are packed as a zip using essentially a legacy system so after much tampering with old versions of 7zip I managed to extract all the files I also did extract some .xbo files in there but that's for something else I am working on to do with VBS and arma 3 🤞. It's also seeming incredibly hard to find JCOVE anywhere else on the internet but I will continue to search to find it )

    Thanks for this, issue I have, worked straight away first time I tried it (your mega link) just tried to launch it again now and I get that blackscreen and cursor problem. Maybe its because I changed the video settings or an overlay like shadow play causing a problem?

  3. 1 hour ago, Rocky said:

    -Fixed Suppressors sometimes not replicating correctly when changing weapon in the loadout

    Thank god, there have been some serious heated exchanges in our TS about if that is affecting the AI or not or that that person does or does not have a suppressor on, people start rage quiting lol. Good its fixed....hopefully unless UBI be UBI being UBI again.

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