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  1. My profile has my contact info. If you wanna talk about it outside of here.
  2. I have installed MSN 6 and haven't had the problem.
  3. Read a few posts back and then there is a patch in DR's most recent reply.
  4. I see...I haven't had any problems so oh well.
  5. http://www.eu.microsoft.com/technet/treevi...in/MS03-026.asp
  6. This is happening all over the place including at [H]ard. http://www.eu.microsoft.com/technet/treevi...in/MS03-026.asp
  7. Sorry Major, I posted it but all my posts are under moderation so they take a crap load of time to get to you. Follow Crimsons advice there
  8. RPC erros happen a lot with virii. But they can be fixed a lot of times just grab the latest updates for ur windows version.
  9. There is a tool that will install all VC car mods not vcmm but its really cool. Later tonight I could put it up on my server if people want it.
  10. Not sure. The book must mean 2.6GHz actually and there aren't any 100FSB 2.6's so that must mean it allows up to 533MHz FSB so as long as the cpu is 533MHz and 2.6GHz or under it should be good. When I get home I will check more about your mobo though.
  11. I told u guys modded cars rocked! Grab the bmw M3 its a must!
  12. You will see a nice performance gain too. Wait till you play some heavy MP or a BF1942 with it you'll be happy
  13. Some thermal compund. I reccommend AS3. And that is really all. If you get the reatail version of the 2.6B then it should have a HSF already. Make sure it is a B not a C cause I dont think that mobo will do the 800MHz bus just the 533.
  14. It depends on what you use yur system for. Do you know what you have in now and how much. No board supports PC3500. PC3200 (DDR400) is the limit.
  15. That blows...well time to pick out your favorite stlye of hearing aid
  16. Okay its ur post and I respect that. You are closer to this situation than I am so go ahead. Ill stay away from ur posts.
  17. ^may need a special medicine to relieve some built up matter below the abdomen^ (avatar) That was for XO....too late so for ruin... has a gf that goes to this site
  18. Who makes your HDD? Do they have any HDD health test prgrms? (maybe search for S.M.A.R.T.) http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;318759 It is the same for all NT based OS's cept Diskeeper full has boot time defrag and a couple other little nacks. And yeah he meant norton utils, v16 etc.
  19. Yeah agreed. Its just something people have to choose on their own. Now for a little late night ownage brought to you buy Stinger: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;318759 An apology in order? Seems I had my facts straight. Now u do owe me an apology. Seems you are a little out dated there. Go check out ur facts before you start crap I seem to know a lot more than you do and I have only been around pcs heavily for about a year or so
  20. http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?s=...skeeper+Windows The bomb works for MS btw. And it is just Diskeeper lite stripped down. Try O&O, it is quicker and more efficient then any other defragmenting tool. Benches prove it. I am looking through my favs to find the linkage to it. If it wern't meant to be able to oc then the FSB should be locked on all mobos like Intels. Every system in my house has something overclocked on it. And I have not burned up toasted or lost anything because of it. As long as you know what you are doing there is no way tto mess up. Besides I can buy a 2.4C for $170 and take it to 3.2 GHz or shell out $500 fora 3.2 and already be there....hmm guess which I pick Sometimes you have to take risks, like when you first get on the highway. Yeah its dangerous for a 15 or 16 year old to be cruising at 80 miles an hour down the highway but sometimes you have to take risks. "The only things you regret in life are the risks you don't take." -Unknown Author.
  21. IIRC, MS uses a version of Diskeeper in a lite form for its' defragging in fact I know that. Speed Disk has never been speedy for me. There is a prgrm called O&O defrag try it out and I guarantee u wont ever use Speed Disk again. It not only runs while u do crap it doesn't slow the system down and is highly customizeable. I have pretty much decided that we won't agree on anything ever but that way people have 2 perspectives. If you get into OC'ing and really involved in comptuers and all that its a great place. You can get any problem solved and any question answered. Just browse around a bit--> www.hardforums.com An example is memory all the time companies are releaseing new stuff and they had it first they told us all what was going on when GEIL released the fastest ram in production history for end users so far (DDRI). I know guys there that work for OCZ, Intel, Corsair, Ati, Hercules and lots of other companies. It's great for getting your system to work just right or getting it setup optimally.
  22. Ah good point. Maybe shrink this down http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=hom...DUTF-8%26sa%3DG and make it into a sig
  23. yeah it would be free to warhawk...show us some more sigs warhawk! You should try a bald eagle to match your avatar.
  24. I never said XP cleaned itself. It just doesn't need to be taken care of like that, and it doesn't need that pos called windoctor either. Both registry cleaning and windoctor are meant for 9x. Granted crap loads of people use both on XP systems they dont need them. Later I shall give u guys some more info on why XP doesn't need its registry cleaned. I called some calvalry and should know some more by the morning. Until then go registry surfing and delete anything with an "h" in it. Again I never said anything contrary to that. It does need to be defragged and such and the temp files cleaned if you like that kinda thing.
  25. Ahhhh lol glad u found it. Have fun bro. Kill some rebels!
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