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  1. started playing again looking for people to play with who have the dlc 'my psn name is mfryers50
  2. hi the new map is great and the phantoms look great
  3. hey just asking i seam to be only person who uses a head set on ghost recon online ? After playing future soldier on ps3 if u had no head set your team did not win so im asking why more people don't use headset i feel its important in a ghost recon game do u agree or disagree
  4. is gro still comming to wii u ? As there is rumor it will come to ps4 don't know how true it is
  5. hey in mick and my psn id is mfryers50 need to play this game with mic and other people so yes add me and i will join your group or clan
  6. Just going on info from gamestaition manager, his info came from nintendo and not ubisoft and as we all know dates are subject to change .
  7. Just pre orderd my wii u , and i was told by the manager at gamestation that ghost recon online will come out in march for wii u .wii u will have gamer tags and free online service like playstaition and nintendo want ghost recon online to show off wii u 's online is as good if not better than the other consoles .i hope many of you get a wii u and look forward to meeting you on the battlefield next year on wii u ghost recon online .
  8. Would you like ubisoft to put gro on to the onlive service ; i for one would think both onlive and gro would grow better and gives people with out a top end pc chance to play what do you guys think ?
  9. As we know nintendo have been light years off the pace with online gaming , but i for one hope this is put right for wii u. It is needed if we are to get ghost recon online on the wii u .which at the mo is on hold ,so come on nintendo get this right and ubisoft will bring this game to wii u
  10. just find a gun you like and upgrade it to how you play we are all differant
  11. P S N mfyers50 looking to playing with mics also my mate psn ghost bat
  12. i will wait an see what tac shooters come out on wii u first b4 i will buy
  13. its about time ghostrecon had a ps vita game ?what do you think ,and any idears
  14. wii u version has been delayed ,hope its not been canned as i was going to buy a wii u just to play ghostrecon online ,what do you all think of this news ?will this news make you think twice about buying a wii u ,and also how long will it be delayed for ?looks like im going to after upgrade my pc to play this game
  15. loving ghostrecon future soldier [ps3]

  16. I'm hoping dedicated servers but I don't know , the host thing is why alot of people have been kicked and lost xp (
  17. Yes it was at first but ubisoft have made it for wii u Which was announced at E3 2011 , so far it's due as a launch game
  18. Ok so the beta for future soldier has only days left the there is 2 weeks or so for game to be out , so I've time to look at the wii u , and the game ghost recon online . I for one am looking forward to the new controller on wii u and think it is made for ghost recon , I don't have the cash to bye a top end pc so playing ghost recon online on wii u is only way I can play the game , we will have to wait for E3 for release dates of both wii u and ghost recon online ,I will be looking to bye the wii u and puting it next to my ps3 and Proberly trading in my 360 as I always play ps3 now ( only keep 360 to play GRAw lol ) . I'm hoping that wii u ghost recon online will use the ghost recon network , and I'm hoping Nintendo will get their act together for online support , Internet rumors say they are investing on there online side and are hoping to use ghost recon online to prove this . Well will any one else be getting a wii u and ghost recon online wii u version ?
  19. Does anyone know what it unlocks In future soldier ? As most my time will be on future solder
  20. Well just tried it out on the beta , wow made a massive difference , feels good in the hand and maping the bottom buttons is a dream never have to take my thums of anolog sticks . I highly recommend that you get the ghost recon controller from mad catz here is a link to where I got it from http://store.gameshark.net/viewItem.asp?idProduct=5293&idCategory=371
  21. Check out this video on YouTube: Sent from my iPhone
  22. No all stats will reset once beta is over .
  23. Ive just orderd the ps 3 controller and heads set from here http://store.gameshark.net/Ghost_Recon_Future_Soldier/371 Check out this video on YouTube: Sent from my iPhone
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