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  1. Hi there I've got enough Uplay points to unlock the two LMG's. My question is, are these guns also unlocked then for campaign play or is it just for multiplayer? Thanks for the input! Don't know if this already has been discussed, if so my apologies if this has been discussed in another topic!
  2. How did you decode it then? by those new files that got uploaded?
  3. Another possibility is that the letter notes are coördinates for just letters and not five letter codes... so each letter in the codes is a column or a row... I'll get some work done on it later... too tired and looking at it, it's a big blur... Good luck on those working on it!
  4. Hmm I don't know if I'm on the right way... but I guess the key to the cypher are the notes on the second image file... if we put alphabetically a letter above each column we go from A till G for the rows it's from A till M so if you get the notes with it, you can take out the codes that are important... but the notes are unreadable for a big part I got for AA: VBEEQ AD: OOZCF AM: JYRML Then it gets unreadable until CH: MRKIS hmm hope I'm on the right way with this... though I doubt those notes are anything else than coördinates for the right codes in the document Maybe if you put the codes in that order, you may have words vertically...
  5. how did you come by the first word as being Blood? Please detail as much as possible... I've seen such codes before when I served in the Navy... but they were just used to authenticate ourselves on the comms... But we had another paper as to decrypt it or use the necessary letters to authenticate ourselves. I'll have another look at it tomorrow... I'm beat for now, better get some rest...
  6. So they posted new coded messages on Warmongers in the latest files... anybody found a way to solve it? I've been going at it and no luck so far... I guess those numbers on the right are the key to the message... but how to interpret them? maybe somebody has a hint?
  7. please let them release a similar edition for the other regions aswell!! After seeing this, the signature edition simply isn't enough! At least something that includes the short movie.
  8. Hmm I compared Marcus Brown and Charles Brown their information... lots of things are pretty much the same but a lot of it is different too... for example Marcus got awarded the silver star and Charles got Bronze with Combat V. Marcus started in 2nd infantry division and Charles in 10th Mountain. I don't know what to think anymore...... maybe they rewrote some of the history to not make it look exactly the same, after all, they can't be linked to who they were before.. The name Marcus Brown existed in previous ghost missions that were prior to that helo-crash in 2014. what to think about this... I have no idea anymore, think we'll have to wait for more leaks on warmongers inc.
  9. En route to Fort Benning. To quote the casualty report: "On April 11th, at approximately 0245 hours local, a helicopter accident occurred 7 miles NW of Fort Benning."
  10. Just a little bit weird that the personnel file says he got recruited in 2009 and the accident happened in 2014.
  11. yeah I also noticed those names sounded familiar... Too bad we can't contact that person at the bottom of the casualty report for additional info checked their date of birth and ranks... it pretty much is similar.. few months of difference but ranks are the same and age pretty much the same too. I think we're on the right track to see how some of the ghosts were "born" the report also said they only got one body out of the wreckage which only could be the pilot in my opinion. Think the rest got recruited to be "ghosts".
  12. New files reveal a death certificate for our soldier. this is getting stranger by the day. maybe they just wrote him off so he can be used in deniable ops. I mean, the enemy won't expect a dead guy and government can always deny operations if the people don't exist anymore on the record.
  13. Hi there! Thanks a lot for the password, it works! but the GOTHCENSOR url doesn't work and I really have a hard time making out the darker letters on the other file. Yeah I liked the securitybadge thing too. My guess is either he's Kozak, the character that we're gonna play or this is a preview for the Live Action movie that's getting released in the march-april time window. I've seen you can allready pre-order it on Amazon.com. Or the soldier could be both Anyway, thanks a lot for your help! I've copied the last files to my harddrive and I can begin now going through everything finding out a bit more about this whole weapons trade and this Grigori fellow.
  14. Yeah this one I could figure out for myself it's that CIASUPER password that's a bit hard to find
  15. Hi there Anybody found it yet? Been looking through those documents and photos over & over again but nothing works. Can someone help, at least give me a hint? Thanks in advance!
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