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  1. Thank you Riley!!! You're a good friend to have, haha.
  2. Apex, you might know this. Is the War of Infamy mods still available? Looks like they've all been taken down.
  3. Thanks Apex. That is a really cool mod but it's still not exactly what I am looking for. The "Even Uniforms Range" has an all female team. We are trying to get females and males to be able to play together. Like you'd be able to pick a male or female rifleman and the skins match all 12 original multiplayer uniforms. This way it doesn't change the original multiplayer but it just adds females into it. Thanks again for your suggestion!!!! [DK-F] JEM Oh by the way, I've played Heroes Unleashed and it's awesome. One of the best mods that I've ever played.
  4. LMAO!!!! I wasn't aiming at you, I was trying to shoot that guy around the corner. I'm sorry about that. Oh, and I registered your new name on the DK-F server. Try not to change your name too often and stick to just 1. I know it sounds like we are being picky but I'll explain why that rule is in place later. Trust me, there's a reason. Aside from killing you, it was fun to see you in the server today!!!!
  5. Thank you Ledanek, I have the Dangerous Babes mod and it's not exactly what I am looking for. That mod has girls running around in their bikinis and I'm looking for female soldiers to add to multiplayer. Riley, you're awesome!!!! Send me the file and I'll try it out!!!! Thank you so very much!!!! Jem
  6. You really think it would be that easy? I've had a couple of people try and and it ended up being really hard. At the bottom of this post, I enclosed the link to the mod that I mentioned. You may be able to use it to make the females play with the guys. Remember, it doesn't work for Island Thunder and the skins don't match all the colors of multiplayer. But, you may be able to get files from it. If you want, add me on X-Fire (blankenedjem) and we can talk about it. I can also open my server and we can test it. Thanks for doing this and I really hope that you are right!!!!! [DK-F] JE
  7. Hiya Folks!!!! I was wondering if there are any GOOD female multiplayer mods for the original game. If not, can somebody make one? Here's what I am looking for...... The mod would have to be about to make a female avatar that is compatible with all the skins of the game and all the expansion packs. Example: If you are playing Island Thunder set on Blue and Red skins with random teams, you could pick the female player with a demo class and end up with an avatar that matches both American skins and Cuban. There doesn't have to be different skins for every class. If you pick either a
  8. Gotta give props to the girl of Ghost Recon!!!! ^5

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