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  1. I'm betting that it'll be coming in one of the DLC packs down the line, heck they already have leaderboards for it.
  2. You can have 6 people in a squad online.
  3. One thing I found odd was while I was looking at ghost recon network site leader boards you can sort it by game types and team deathmatch was one of the possible sorting options.
  4. Are you asking about single player or multiplayer?
  5. It's certainly possible to play the game without all of the gadgets and the cover system but with game being designed around the use of those "features" you're definitely putting yourself at a disadvantage.
  6. I switched full time to the scout (with SMG) for the last week of the beta (trying to get the augmented camo) and I was able to 10-15 kills each game while maintaining a positive K:D ratio and trying to capture the objectives. So while I would like the scout class to get a little boost, I don't see it as extremely weak and useless like I've seen a lot of people say. One of my major gripes with the game though is the maps are way too small for a true sniper to be effective. I read on the Ubisoft forums that the Mill was the largest map in the game and if that's true I'll be incredibly disappointed. I remember maps the size of Rocky Cove from GRAW1 where you could snipe from beach to beach and be useful while also having part of your team with ARs closing in on the enemy.
  7. Anyone else offended that they are releasing DLC a little over a month after the game comes out? That means everything included in the DLC is probably 90% completed when the game comes out.
  8. Since I sold my copy of splinter cell long ago. Is there a specific retail location I need to pre-order the game from to get the code?
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