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  1. hello, I`ve been creating team-deathmatch and ORG maps, too. I think that you´ve probably forgotten to say the game where you have to spawn. Remember-you have to make sure that you have done these 2 thinks: 1) placing the spawn_dummies from the props layer-they will give the game the exact discription where you spawn-ONLY PLACE THEM(ca16 for each side). 2)Create the spawn- zones. They tells wich spawn_dummies belong to wich team US or Mex. Here is important that you create 2 zones from the multiplayer-layer- it could happen that you place 2shapes for one team (that would be bad). And dont forget to give them the these number: One is base1-the other is base2. If my answer didnt help, just write down what you havent understood.
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