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  1. There's a Nvidia driver, specifically for the 8800 series. You tried that? check the release notes though for different issues in games. http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_97.02.html
  2. LOL. Let's take one thing at the time. I think AMD/ATI - "DAAMIT" if you want - have enough probs these days. DX1o gfx delayed so Nvidia's 8800GTX again taking the crown and sending - with one single card - ATI's X1950XT in single and in Crossfire down there where snowballs don't have a chance. The new ATI chipset for Intel processors, based on the RD600 chipset has been delayed. Several mobo manufacturers have dropped it as they see no future in it but, but, but: DFI is said to bring one to the market in December. I think that's about the most positive thing in the "DAAMIT" camp these days: a maybe "yes" to a new mobo chipset that suits their competitor Intel's Conroe processors. For whatever reason, "DAAMIT" manages to stay one step behind all the time so they better kick butt next time they show up or they miss my support as well, that'll be number xyzK "Quad core"? let's settle the dual core first for processors and the opposite: Crossfire against a single 8800GTX (OK not a fair competition but yet it's a fact). Focus is on integrated graphics where the money is and gamers come next, as far as "DAAMIT" is concerned. Dang, never thought I would say: "Good Intel and Nvidia are around" but disregarding this if you want to upgrade today, would make you a thief of your own pocket and common sense.
  3. Anything else would have been a surprise. With Intel being the biggest in integrated graphics, it goes without saying that it's this market AMD/ATI is focusing on and they are certainly capable to optimize their product for this market segment and make a better product than the competition because it's all done in one house. Whether this on long term is also the solution for gaming rigs? I wanna see that before I believe it.
  4. Went for a split up. Got an old mic (came with Creative soundcards some years ago) and bought separate headphones, Sennheiser HD 595. Best sound investment I ever made. Personal opinion of course. http://www.sennheiser.com/sennheiser/icm_eng.nsf/root/05343
  5. I still need to complete the last two missions of GR:AW. Been like that for about 2 months now. Liked the game for sure, but not that much. Not as much as Ghost Recon when I played SP in weekends before the family got up and after the family had gone to bed and both the wife and children on weekdays from time to time asked: “You’re not gonna shoot any tangos tonight?” That never happened with GR:AW. Sunday nights are still – to a high extent – sacred for GR coop. It’s as basic as buying coffee, milk or tea in the supermarket. To OP: you need to get DS to make your game fully compatible with all servers and the tons of mods that are available. You can check the download section here or www.ghostaholic.com with the risk that you shelve the game as you wouldn’t know where to start in that land of milk and honey
  6. What's your monitor's maximum refresh rate? Set it as high as possible, you might need a specific driver for your monitor.
  7. I'd look at a mobo with the Intel 975X chipset, socket 775 for the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, like the Asus P5W DH DeLuxe: http://kortlink.dk/asus/32au
  8. The X850Pro is faster with 500/500 compared to 7600GS 400/400. Reportedly an easy overclocker too.
  9. Aren't those Nvidia drivers, Tow-Angel? Catalyst 6.8 still supports the 9x00 series, however if you install the ATI CCC, make sure that - before updating the drivers - you have updated Microsoft Framenetwork to version 2. You can get that from the ATI download site as well. https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default...amp;folderID=27
  10. Copying your "Favourites" folder should do the trick.
  11. Ah, a driver update, you mean?
  12. Well, I'm a noob too when I write "resolution" but meant "refresh rate" Setting the game's video options at 16 bit instead of 32 will increase your fps. There's no shortcut to the fps, you'd have to go the described route to compare the fps with the value that FRAPS gives in a specific part of the game.
  13. How does it compare to the in-game fps showing? (order's sake: press Enter on the Numpad then type "toggleshowframerates" (without the quotes and I'm not a 100% sure about that last "s") FRAPS may not show correctly, some mobos have BIOS updates for that very item. What's your monitor resolution set at and can you set it higher, possibly using a monitor driver rather than XP's plug and play?
  14. After that, click the "more options" tab an clear old restore points (last restore point is still there). Might save you some space as well.
  15. Yeah we sure were a bunch of tossers, WhiteKnight. It's just to show a bit of what was going on in that community in "+4 on direct IP" gaming and it's an aspect of gaming that GRAW cannot offer and it's a pity. Take care PS in reply: thread started April 2003
  16. You're very right Colin. I think GR:AW is a great SP game - for obvious reasons I don't have the MP experience. One of those reasons I digged up from an old GR thread - the longest in the history of the game and worthwhile a read, even a "bump" on the original site maybe. This is what I found and miss today besides the so often mentioned 9-men squad: and if you're in for 30 pages ups and downs "weekend read": http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2...m/749103032/p/1
  17. Alternatively - but this depends on how much space your mp3, pictures,videos and mods occupy - you can set the new drive as "Slave", move the mp3s etc to the new drive, then use "Partition Magic" to resize your C-drive. You can then also use the new drive to install new programs and it saves you the time to re-install all the programs/games you have now. You should be aware that new programs always install files in the Windows System folder. So again: it depends on how much space you can free up and if you're happy with that.
  18. My guess is it’ll still show “F” as your bootsector is confused. Maybe someone can correct this but otherwise: Last shot before I run out of suggestions: Boot on Win XP cd and enter recovery console Log on to the Windows partition that pops up. Type (always without quotes): “fixmbr” and press Enter Type “fixboot c:” press Enter Type “bootcfg /rebuild” Under “OS load options”, type: “fastdetect”. Good luck.
  19. Agree with you , it should have started up even on a shared rail. Hm, you wouldn't have a old spare gfx to try out?
  20. Are you thinking in this direction?: Attempted translation of an article that appeared in a Danish newspaper, October last year: “Computer games close to Hollywood” According to an international producer of pc games, such games will make it possible to play movies within the next five years. (Edit: the article continues with a description of Prince of Persia, the main character’s effortless movements to the top of a building from where he has an overview of Babylon in war) then continues: Interactive games “Very soon and within the next 5 years we will see pc games with graphics quality as we saw it two years ago in “Lord of the Rings”, says Ubisoft’s producer Ben Mattes. While graphics in pc games will develop towards Hollywood productions, there will always be the difference that games are interactive. Ben Mattes concludes: “It will feel as if you play a movie. Actually we have the first games on the market e.g. “Fahrenheit”, an interactive drama where decisions in the course of the game have consequences later on. Just like in real life”
  21. It's recommended to use a molex connector on its own rail, i.e. not a rail with one molex for the hdd and another one for the gfx. About your Radeon not working: what exactly happens/does not happen? Simply does not start up at all? Can be the card needs external power too but if that is not connected, it should show with a warning on the monitor.
  22. It's because a standard format does do the job in-depth. With a program like "Getdataback" you can restore many files that have been deleted from a hard disk. There are programs around to "zero all data" as it's called. One of them is "Killdisk": http://www.killdisk.com/ and info about similar utilities: http://www.thefreecountry.com/security/securedelete.shtml That'll clear your AVG vault. Use at own risk and study the guides/manuals coz those programs don't compromise. Speaking of AVG/antivirus, there's a new test result of all major AV programs from virus.gr: http://www.virus.gr/english/fullxml/defaul...d=82&mnu=82
  23. I read that the boot order must be: floppy cdrom SATA I don't know if the Plextor intervenes so you can set that as "Slave" rather than "Master". When doing so, use the middle connector on the cable as the one in the far end is for a master disk.
  24. Rocky, the "IDE" is for ATA disks, not SATA disks so that part of the BIOS is OK. So what you did is remove all other drives, incl. possible USB drives, leaving only the SATA, format it, install Windows and it still says "F" drive? I must check this out, as it beats me. Edit: Oops, don't know if the Plextor "Master" is mixing things up?
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