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  1. If you need to install it on other PCs or re-install at some stage, use the "customized" option. At step 4 or 5 you can uncheck the toolbar installation.
  2. This is a good site about AV programs: http://www.virus.gr/portal/en/ As we all know, we can avoid a lot of trouble just by being careful. Apart from that I always do a clean install every 8-9 months; not because of virus or malware, just a "seasonal cleaning"
  3. Our team has downloaded "Sniper Team the longest kill" and we will set up our own two-men squads' tournament. Thanks for keeping our game alive Oops: that's a contradiction as it will never die.......
  4. http://free.grisoft.com/ww.download-avg-an...us-free-edition not that new, released April 24th
  5. Haven't been able to find it on the Microsoft site(s) yet but this site links to the Microsoft download center: http://osnews.com/comments/19694 A note of warning: reportedly Microsoft found a last minute glitch. See the comment "not yet" at the bottom of the linked site. or: http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPo...0&SiteID=17 Not sure that will affect any of us in here though.
  6. you're welcome but the honour goes to NoQuarter. I only saw afterwards that he mentioned these days on April 15 in this thread already
  7. April 14, 2008: Support is available for the release version of Service Pack 3 for Windows XP April 21, 2008: Original Equipment Manufacturers, Volume License, Connect, and MSDN and TechNet subscribers April 29, 2008: Microsoft Update, Windows Update, Download Center June 10, 2008: Automatic Updates
  8. If you consider to do another uninstall/reinstall, follow the uninstall guide that's stated under the pinned topics at the top of this site. In addition to that, check if the key that is to be removed from the registry, is still in your "InstallShield" folder. If so, remove it. Run the program "ccleaner" from www.ccleaner.com to clean old files and also the registry. Defrag and reinstall the game in this order: GR DS IT patch 1.4 If on top you want to check your drivers: http://kortlink.dk/driveragent/55gp
  9. I wonder if it's an error on the GR disc. The drives are not the problem and I suppose you get the same choppy screen when you play it off the IT disc?
  10. Not sure if this is a solution, as the link is over ayear old and FF should have fixed it by now if it's a bug: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=2764507 Anyway, you may find something in there.
  11. try to reset cmos. could be the battery as well. does it boot up at all?
  12. Have you tried to uncheck GR in the "manage 3D" -> "program settings" and simply run it at default?
  13. There's some space under the graphics card between the slot and the back panel. I've used that often in similar cases and installed the graphics card afterwards.
  14. Have you tried with the card in the other slot? Did you upgrade to SP1 that includes hotfixes for Nvidia cards?
  15. Just a shot: Some guys here in Denmark solved that issue by removing the S-Video cable before installing the drivers.
  16. as already suggested: re-check the thermal paste and use a good one, like Nutlink's suggestion. Too much thermal paste can also lead to heat problems.
  17. there's a version 2.0. Maybe that's why the update warning keeps popping up? You can download the 2.0 from various sites and install it directly instead of via the Win Update.
  18. XP 32bit works like a charm, no hick-ups, driver- or compatibilty issues. So even if there is a problem, you can always pinpoint and resolve it. 64bit OS: Vista is certainly the way to go today.
  19. You can have one matched pair (2 x 1024) and another of (2 x 512). Must be same type and latency, like e.g. these: http://www.corsair.com/configurator/produc...ts.aspx?id=5233 If I counted correctly, it's the numbers 11 and 29 in the list at the bottom Order's sake: maximum memory for XP: the 3GB is only for the 32bit version. The 64bit version can address up to 128GB.
  20. The AS mod, the AS mission packs, Biro's "Farm" map, Chavez' and the other AS modders' insanely brutal scripting to prevent hopeful teams from getting away with good results... It's all such an integral part of Ghost Recon so even with the dedicated server shut down, AS will always be a part of Ghost Recon. Thank you all at Alpha Squad for your dedication to the game and its community. Priceless. [NH]8R
  21. You got some hours of entertainment waiting for you We game 6-9 people every Sunday, started more than 4 years ago and still going strong. Sometimes we join with friends of another squad. This game never gets boring, but then again, neither does soccer, football, you name it, although the rules and equipment haven't changed the past xyz years. GRAW2 has given me many hours of fun. I found it a great game but as you say, replay value lacks. And the 4 men co-op restriction makes it a no-go for us. Suppose that has to do with the size of the maps and the objectives. Running around 9 men in GRAW2 wouldn't be much of a challenge.
  22. There's a "caution" note in the Release Notes but that's only for the AGP version and when the CCC is installed: GRAW2 install noted my drivers were outdated (Sep 06) so I updated to 7.8 and I got artifacts, about 20 minutes in-game and had to reboot the system. No heat issues, so I rolled back to 7.5 and there were no issues any longer. The artifacts occurred with "Crossfire" enabled as well as disabled. I've got the X1950 Pro PCI-e. Edit: Thanks for the tip Chrisp. I'll try that.
  23. Sorry, I misunderstood from your first post that the mobo supported those RAM. This is what Asus says about that particular mobo: http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&amp...amp;modelmenu=2 It states "Nforce 500" chipset so you better check with the supplier about the mobo and the chipset before buying memory sticks. I know there was some fuzz about an Asus mobo having Nforce 570 chipset whilst stating "500" in the specs. It could have been this one. As to the amount of RAM: that mobo comes with 4 RAM slots and total capacity of 8MB. You can have up to 2048 in each slot. If you go for total 2048, you should buy a so-called "matched pair" that'll give you two sticks of 1024 each. Same if you choose 1GB = a matched pair of 2 x 512MB. The mobo manual states, which of the slots to use, to obtain the dual channel effect. (some say slot 1 and 2, others slot 1 and 3) XP does not take advantage of RAM > 3GB. This is what Corsair says: TWIN2X2048-6400C4 Details Memory Type » DDR2-800 C4 Size » 2GB Kit (2 x 1GB) Latency » 4-4-4-12-2T Format » 240-pin DIMM Heat Spreader » Black from: http://www.corsair.com/configurator/produc...ts.aspx?id=5233
  24. Yes. your mobo supports them so of course you can use them. The settings "x-x-x-x" are referring to RAM settings in the BIOS and apparently the 680 support settings that the 570 does not. Stressing these settings is for overclocking. A good site for motherboards with nforce chipsets is: http://www.nforcershq.com (click "Forum")
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