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  1. Could be interesting to find out if the 7600 card works in another rig. Which drivers do you use for the 5700? I checked the Asus site for any BIOS updates but the only one they have is for an ATI 9700 card. Have you made any changes in the BIOS or is it set at default settings? Also thinking if your cpu runs optimally. One of the best AGP boards btw.
  2. Here's info about the revision ofthe Eula terms: http://tapthehive.com/discuss/This_Post_No...le_s_EULA_Sucks
  3. right you are but check the first link, it's the story behind and describes a.o. optimization of memory.
  4. http://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/ http://www.google.com/chrome Just installed it and first impression is that it's faster than IE and FF. Always good with competition and new alternatives.
  5. Is this a general problem or only in GR? Did you remove any old drivers, using DriverCleaner? Afterwards run ccleaner both the cleaning and the registry cleaning? As to the ATI card: if you haven't got a driver cd, you can let Windows Update find the driver for you. These guys have optimized ATI drivers: http://www.ngohq.com/home.php?page=Files and btw they're working with Nvidia (!) to transfer PhysX to Radeon cards but this has taken a while and seems to have fallen asleep. Let's know how you're doing. [NH]8R
  6. I disabled it in Device Manager. Meanwhile I found this interesting forum site. Assuming what goes for Realtek also goes for SB Audigy, I'll check after work today, if the second last post works for my system. http://forums.microsoft.com/technet/showpo...=0&pageid=1 EDIT: I disabled "Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio" in Device Manager - System Devices. I had two of those entries, disabled both of them and as if by magic, the unknown device had disappeared. I enabled them again and the device with the warning popped up. That was just to check if things can really simply disappear and reappear. In Windows they can ;-)) Now the device has disappeared again...
  7. Alternatively: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ version 0.8.6c recommended for Vista. Freeware, never had an issue with it sofar.
  8. I have a similar issue with an ATI HD 3850. In Control Panel - Sounds & Devices, under the "audio" tab is now an extra option: "ATI HD audio rear output" HDMI transfers sound and graphics through one cable, so using an HDMI cable, you can get HD audio through HD monitor speakers, The HD audio driver is missing though. Maybe one like this will help: http://www.downloadsource.net/147/Creative...-2-Audigy-2-ZS/ I'm on thin ice here but I think that's the issue.
  9. Do you have a video card with hdmi support? If so you can just disable the audio hardware in device manager.
  10. easiest way is to open "My Computer", rightclick the drive (hdd) and click "format"
  11. Here's a guy who tried pretty everything without luck but finally got it work: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-repli...cfm/780283.html 4th post from the bottom.
  12. I don't know Vista but I do know Google ;-) http://www.vistax64.com/vista-security/672...ss-folders.html http://www.techsupportforum.com/microsoft-...ss-folders.html Good luck.
  13. The "asprox" virus is apparently a real pain in the neck but if our AV is up-to-date you should be safe. You can quickly check your registry and files as mentioned on this site: http://www.2-spyware.com/remove-asprox.html and of course run a full scan. Furthermore: run antispyware as well as anti-malware: http://www.superantispyware.com/ http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php
  14. found this link: http://www.youhide.com/ on this site: http://digg.com/tech_news/How_to_Mask_Your...estricted_Sites but I don't know how (il)legal it all is or ain't.
  15. Nice rig - one question though: the video card. Your mobo supports Crossfire, so why not a Radeon card like HD 4850? : http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3341 That would opt for a Crossfire setup.
  16. Any error/warning messages in Device Manager?
  17. Does Nvidia control panel recognize the monitor and is it set as primary? edit: forget about that - obviously you cannot find out since you got no signal Time for a wake-up coffee......
  18. yep, the 177 driver is out already but only supports the 260/280 cards, so hopefully for Nvidia 8/9 owners, "gradually" is around the corner Edit: I don't recommend anyone playing around with modified drivers, only at own risk. This forum thread at guru3d.com has a lot of info about the 177 driver and as such it is interesting just to read about the latest developments and experiences: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=264880
  19. Reportedly the Physx support will come with the next driver series (177) some info here: http://www.hothardware.com/News/NVIDIA_Add..._GTX_and_PhysX/
  20. So you're now treating your PC with care? Need to change your sig then
  21. WK: not knowing if you made the investment yet, keep an eye on the prices for the video card. ATI’s mainstream HD 4850 has been released at usd 199 and Nvidia’s 9800GTX is now also priced at usd 199. There’s a 9800GTX+ at usd 229. ATI’s HD 4870 and HD 4870X2 expected to be released in about a week. There are numerous reviews of the HD 4850, a few links: http://www.guru3d.com/article/amd-ati-rade...d--powercolor/1 http://techreport.com/articles.x/14967 http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/amd_ra...orce_9800_gtx+/ Good value for money but it gets quite hot.
  22. I switched from Win98SE to XP because it was needed when I wanted to upgrade hardware. Games also came with XP as minimum requirement. That brutal force of monopoly, LOL. I've never considered Vista as I don't run any applications that require 64 bit, nor a bunch of DX10 supported games Windows 7 (or better name): Oh well, takes some time before it's released and patched but I think it fills in Crowman's question marks. Eventually there'l be that "brutal force of monopoly" again. On a sidenote: is 1280 x 1024 still a resolution to measure by? I use higher and widescreen resolutions but don't pay attention to fps as long as the games run smoothly. Nice weekend to y'all.
  23. http://www.tgdaily.com/html_tmp/content-view-37453-135.html If the info in this article is correct (first of all the pricing) then it's good news for ATI fans
  24. That sounds like an AVG software conflict. If you want to give AVG another try, you can give it a shot with system restore but better is to remove any AVG files via Control Panel/uninstall or use the "Remove programs" option of "Ccleaner" ( http://www.ccleaner.com ) Then let Ccleaner clean your registry for any leftovers and remove the ..../Program files/AVG folder manually. Then reinstall.
  25. Haven't been much at home lately but sofar it runs fine. I have to check out the new security features; don't notice any change in performance.
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