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  1. Through the years Norton never ended in the top of these tests, nor did they in the latest one dated Sep 09: http://www.virus.gr/portal/en/content/2009...st-05-september
  2. Isn't the error a boot issue? There are some tips and tricks but those require booting from the XP cd. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/findbyerrorm...drmissingxp.htm If it is a boot issue you may still be able to set the hdd as slave and save data. Edit: "slave" meaning as second hdd in the pc you got working. Otherwise an HDD adapter can be used: http://www.logilink.org/produkte/logilink_usb_adapter.htm
  3. recovery if not on disc, it's ctrl + F11 (sometimes F10) on boot. I suggest you get that Windows home CD and install it instead. Don will mail you SP3 that's accumulated (includes SP2 as well) if you need to find your key: http://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/
  4. This is the site with very little info. http://www.plantronics.com/north_america/e...dsets/audio-655 I read a review where the user had to unplug and reconnect the headset once in a while. That's of course annoying when you're in a game. I use Sennheiser headphones and separate Logitech desktop mic.
  5. Hi and welcome, Follow the uninstall guide under the pinned topics. It's important that the old installation is removed completely; thins includes the registry and a key in the "InstallShield" folder. That should hopefully solve it.
  6. A soundcard with a USB port? That sounds new to me. If your PC has several USB ports, try one of the others. I'll go look at the specs and get back if there's anything else to be aware of. Not knowing if you have any other USB devices, the USB ports may be disabled in the BIOS. Mouse cord: if you make a loop of the mouse cord, the mouse will move better than with a straight cord. Edit: Plantronics website confirms it's plug and play so another option is to check the audio settings in Control Panel. See if there are other audio software options. Finally, maybe the head set only works with a Ghost Recon CD and not Arma II
  7. Hello my friend, Check/compare LiteOn and NEC drives, good value for money. By the way: did you install any Sony software back then? They had an issue few years ago because their software installed a "backdoor" . Not only illegal but also preventing several types of discs/CDs from playing. http://www.cnet.com/4520-6033_1-6376177-1.html Edit: Forget about NEC unless a shop got it in stock. They joined optical drive forces with Sony ("Sony Optiarc"). Of course you can consider this brand too; it's a free world, I just don't buy any Sony stuff anymore. Like CR6 mentioned, LG is also good value for money. Plextor is good but quite expensive. And again, like CR6 said, check the jumper settings of the drive that you replace and make sure the new one has the same settings. If you want we can go through it on TS one of these days.
  8. Since you didn't have the opportunity to check the card in another PC, it's still possible that either your PCI-E slot is corrupt or you psu cannot handle it all. Three cards not working sounds like more than an coincident.
  9. I intend to complete the tourney this week and send you my scores. You've put a lot of work and efforts into it so that's the least I can - and will - do.
  10. Buried my Mom on Dec 3 too so I know how you feel. I quoted the last verse from the Rose by Bette Midler in my speech: Just remember in the Winter Far beneath the bitter snows Lies the seed That with the sun's love In the Spring Becomes the Rose. There'll be better times. I haven't been home since Nov 23 and until yesterday night but will soon catch up.
  11. Sounds familiar Any estimate when the next mission - no 7 - will be released Lightspeed? Great variation in the missions - except for the scores - I felt very entertained.
  12. Thanks - I was really puzzled when that pop-up hit me.
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