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  1. Hey Guys, Its really good news that they officially said they will be releasing it on PC, but just in case I will be keeping the petition up till its on the streets just in case. I Thank you all for following me in this endeavor and I hope that this petition reflected us users in a good light, if any did not it was my fault. Again thank you for your service, see you on the frontlines men! Jay_Rab
  2. Hey Guys, Its good to know that there is a band of brothers out there ready to heed the call when one of us is down and out, even better when we are able to rally for a cause. I noticed that there was a few extra petitions signings then the topical 1 a day, so I had to see what caused all the fuss. Thanks for signing and I made sure to also link back to you guys in a news feed on the petition along with giving a link to the facebook page also. Special thanks to Rocky for putting up the news feed on your guys site, and at lease for me I know the forum to go to for all things related to ghost recon. For those of you who missed those links that Rocky put up here they are: Petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/ubisoft-release-ghost-recon-future-soldier-for-the-pc Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grfs4pc/252146294849371?sk=wall (Note: this is not set up by me)
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