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  1. Hey, thanks a lot, Wombat. I realized that if I use 'r' or 't' that the weapons will, in fact, zoom in to what they are supposed to, however these particular weapons are the only ones I can't use the mouse scroll zoom for...which is weird. Any idea why this is? I have to use 'r' to initiate zoom, and then can pull back from zoom if i roll the wheel back. Can I change that somehow? EDIT: So after some messing around, I noticed that if the gun only has one zoom setting beyond the default '1' zoom setting, you cant initiate the zoom with the mouse wheel. Why? I'm not sure. You can p
  2. Hey everyone, I recently decided to boot up my old ghost recon cds and play through everything again. I remember using the Navy Seals Mod by Piccolo, so I installed that as well. Everything is running great, but I am having trouble with two weapons so far, and they are both options for a specialist character in the mod. I can't get the L96 rifle or the Delisle Carbine to zoom in at all. Any other weapon zooms when i roll the mouse wheel, but these two weapons don't allow for it. So, my question is (if anyone knows), is this a glitch of the mod, and is there some way to
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