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  1. Hey !!! This is one real nice review. But i can't download this mod from anywhere. I can host it on our site (http://www.ghostaholic.com). If someone can send it to me? (sunraa@ghostaholic.com for contact).
  2. addon to Foxs post : - We have about 100 mods in our DL section, thats 3 Gb(still got lots of free space if you want to add some). Fell free to download anyone of it (no need to register) - We can host your clan web site or mod site for moders - you can store images in our gallery (public or private one). Good luck !!
  3. http://www.ghostaholic.com/page.php?id=121 but you need to register.
  4. Great mod. I still have some bandwidth so fell free to DL it here. Its a small version without sound. I just love the cinematics and second mission. Try it.
  5. Didn't meant to start everything. Just when i saw your post i needed to replay. We didn't meant to use "your" name, but we don't have much imagination . So we just pick one. Best of luck to you too.
  6. Hey !! First, we are not new. We play this game for 2 years. And we use this name for 2 years also. When i first saw your name, i thought about this kind of topic and here it is. ###### happens *El nino*SunRaa
  7. I can help you only with ports Here is the list of ports that GR is using : TCP : 2346 UDP : 2347 UDP : 2348 And if you are planing to host on ubi, here is the list of ports that ubi is using: TCP : 6667 TCP : 40000-42000
  8. Yes, delete the file \Ghost Recon\Mods\ORJ\shell\font_revisited.rsb Note, i don't have the mod installed so the above might not be 100% accurate. Just go into the ORJ and then shell folder and have a look for font_revisited.rsb Its working. thanks
  9. I have one question about Operation Restore Justice. Is it possible bo change red text to normal one? It is hard to read it. Even if can't be done, i love this mod. Market, Caves, and Moutain rocks. GREAT JOB!
  10. You can find most of the mods on www.ghostaholic.com
  11. I already have this sciript, but it works with Qstat program. Its not much, but display everything you wish : - players -maps - mods - server name .... Give me a day or two and i will show you. I'm having some comp problems.
  12. Thanks for quick replaying! I'll do as you guys said. And i have onther question. I have already asked guys at Wolf server about that. I got small script that display server info on the web (like product of mass production). This script displays info for as much server info as i wish. Is it possible that i would create a link to GhostRecon.exe file to connect to specific server from the web. Problem is that almost every user have ghostrecon.exe in different directory. Once again, thanks!!
  13. Hey all!! I'm working on new web site for Ghost Recon. And i'm thinking of creating some big download section. Do i need permision from creators of mods, that i can put there mod on my site for download?
  14. Try to deactivate frostbite in mods and try it with igor again. Is fr07_frigidkeep that map with big castle?
  15. I would realy like to see something like rescue the pilot in Raven Shield. Its a team game type. One team has a pilot with a pistol and must bring him to extraction point. The other team is trying to kill that pilot. Would be great. We could extraction point for pilot extraction and normal bases for both teams insertion zone.
  16. I really miss smoke granedes in gr. Would be great to have them So, when we could download WOW3? Those guns above looks great, btw.
  17. hey!! What about some smoke grandes in WOW3? I saw something close to that in War Of Infamy. But u could just put that smoke on the ground(and the smoke was green - i think that they took it from base smoke, but only thicker)- i hope i'm correct. But it would change the style of game play in ghost recon. So, how about some smoke granades
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