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  1. Hi ! I'm looking for T@DO server side missions pack. There were a lot of siege missions in that server side pack. Anyone ? I already check there site, Google,.. and nothing. Maybe someone of you have it one your disk. Thanks !
  2. This looks great !! Ghostaholic download if anyone needs it : http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-606.html
  3. http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-592.html Have fun
  4. Press Print Screen key on your keyboard. Then open Paint in Windows and press CTRL+V.
  5. If you are using firefox, there is an option to change a style of every web site that uses CSS. sorry for breaking the layout. Moderator Edit: Thumbnail added
  6. Lately there was some topics about this. 2 topics on second page of this forum, then one on 3rd page,.. To sum all forum topics(for me) : you need some friend to play with you online, community, clan,.. that do for most of us who play this game for a long time. We all have a group of people who we trust and have fun with playing Ghost recon 1 online. If you are new or haven't play for some time, the best thing for you is to install xfire, all seeing eye (I'm not using it - just heard), or plain old UBI service to play online. On average there is about 1000 (my estimate)playing on xfire + ubi + All seeing eye.
  7. i haven't seen it also. Did any of you took a screenshot of the blood? That would be nice
  8. Ghostaholic link : http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-590.html (need registration, sorry) Ghostaholic torrent link : http://www.ghostaholic.com/torrents/Ghosta...emo.zip.torrent Ghostaholic seeder status and averege speed : http://www.ghostaholic.com/plug-e-bttracker.html
  9. I have version 1 and 4. Would those do?
  10. december The Outpost (TG Map 1) mosque 1.1 Frostbite 1.3
  11. 9,979 registered members. If GRAW would be released when GR.net counts 10000 members, it should be out in next 2 days
  12. I hope you guys will take a break after a hard work and first take a holidays and then join the community to play some fun games with us Thanks a million !
  13. Just in case someone is interest how the reconlog looks like : Reconlog tutorial
  14. I had similar problem. Since i have c: and d: drive, i installed the game also on D drive and it worked. Good Luck
  15. Once you install Ghost Recon, Desert Siege and Island Thunder go to options and Mod screen. Active Desert Siege and Island Thunder. start new campaign and you can choose which campaign you would like to play. Good luck and welcome to GhostRecon.net
  16. thanks all of you for quick reply !
  17. I'm looking for a mod called Psycho Dad's Weapon Mods 3.0. I found broken links at fileplanet and woodys. If someone has it, can you email it to me and i'll put it on the web? thanks and regards
  18. Here is the list of ports that UBI is using: TCP : 6667 TCP : 40000-42000 Here is the list of ports that GR is using : TCP : 2346 UDP : 2347 UDP : 2348 You need to open those in your router or firewall
  19. Hi ! I just want to let you all know that latest version of ReconLog is released. Latest changes are meant to keep your server as safe as possible from attackers. List of changes : - Packet capturing removed. - Hook injection added to do ip logging ban monitoring. - AntiHack measures introduced. - ALL TCP connections now logged. This is so any hackers that do succeed will leave their IP address in the log. - Ban list is guaranteed to disallow connection to GR port. - Bans are now in file called ipbans.dat. This is a binary file so DONT edit it directly, use reconlog. - Ban list is now only IP addresses and NOT host names. Therefore wildcard banning is removed and so is the Exception list. - Gr Process is now terminated cleanly when restarting the game via HTTP. - Player time in game is now recorded. And log shows when player has left the game and how long they were in for (mm:ss). Couple of GUI changes made : - Gr port 2346 is only supported. So if u set game to another port then reconlog wont work! - AdminBot now removed (for now). Compatibility. - Nade logging removed. Performance. Download : Ghostaholic
  20. Name: Blaz Date of Birth: 17.05.1980 Location: Kranj, Slovenia Occupation: IT support Romance Status: got a girl Image: as long as she is naked Favorite Aspect of GR: the only game that i can still play it Least Favorite Aspect of GR: Glitches Favorite GR Mod: frostbite, alpha Squad, HX5 Favorite Ghost: all the same Favorite Kit: SA80 with frags Favorite Aspect of GR.net: Lot's of information's about Ghost Recon Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: at the moment too many posts about GR:AW PC (nothing useful) When did you first visit GR.net: Years ago Other computer games played: Joint Ops, Battlefield 2, Collin McRae 2 Clan membership: *El nino* Computer Hardware/Accessories owned: 2 computers, one for GR server and one for playing GR Current/Former/Future Military: no way, hate real weapons If yes, what job: / Miscellaneous: In my free time i work on Ghostaholic.com and some other sites. Most of the time i'm fixing computers and play some football or maybe some climbing.
  21. Theone you made for me at ghostaholic? I'm not sure, I forgot to copy the login details for it onto my new OS install ← If you will ever need it..., i don't know the pass, but i can set it up again
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