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  1. I registered there to download this script, but never get the activation email. Can someone send me this script ( sunraa at ghostaholic dot com). I hope it's easy to customize this, cause looks like this guy is a good coder, but he need to work on the layout:)
  2. I think you just need the bundle. Anyway here is are some more bundles on the net, free to use them: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ghost_recon_3_map_downloads> <map bundle_name="aw01_urbanresistance_siege" address="http://www.ghostaholic.com/maps/aw01_urbanresistance_siege.bundle" /> <map bundle_name="aw02_loadingstation_siege" address="http://www.ghostaholic.com/maps/aw02_loadingstation_siege.bundle" /> <map bundle_name="aw03_powcamp_siege" address="http://www.ghostaholic.com/maps/aw03_powcamp_siege.bundle" /> <map bundle_name="aw04_ghosttown_siege" address="http://www.ghostaholic.com/maps/aw04_ghosttown_siege.bundle" /> <map bundle_name="Heavy_Resistance" address="http://www.ghostaholic.com/maps/Heavy_Resistance.bundle" /> <map bundle_name="blackhawk_down" address="http://www.ghostaholic.com/maps/blackhawk_down.bundle" /> </ghost_recon_3_map_downloads>
  3. It's just a shame that those developers who stopped modding didn't made there work public, when they knew that it's over.
  4. Here you go : http://www.ghostaholic.com/maps/Heavy_Resistance.bundle just let me know which map would you like to see there and i'll give you the link for it.
  5. That would be great. The more files we have online the better. But you gotta think about something: 1. money. Downloads aren't for free. I hope you have at least 100 $ per month for your line. Here is copy paste from our server monitoring: Bandwidth usage (current month) : 606702.63 Megabytes - you need at least twice as much 2. Make a open site. Users don't want to register on every site 3. If you will do it for the money or make a reputation of your site, you will fail. Do it for us - fans. 4. Your time. If you have a lot of free time, then it's no problem. If i were you i would rather help Rocky or us to make sure that all the files are online. But if you go for it and need some help from Ghostaholic , let me know. and good luck
  6. It's not the site. Site is great. But the people! Like most of them forget why are they playing video games for.
  7. This looks more then perfect. I would love to play that.
  8. Hi ! I was wondering if any of you hard core modders are planing to republish your maps or create new ones, to be compatible with siege and coop. Siege would be much better if you could have rotating like 20-30 maps.
  9. I would like that also. Specially that xml parser looks very interesting
  10. Hi ! You can create your own mission and they will be server - sided if you use only material that is in Ghost Recon, Desert Siege and Island Thunder.
  11. Is it like you said we would need only one port to open to host GRAW, one for server query and one for gamespy.... What are others?
  12. Hi ! I was wondering why does GRAW needs so many different ports to be opened? Most games have 1-5, but graw have 18. Does anyone know why are they for? Does Local ports mean that only server or just client needs them? Local Ports UDP 15250 UDP 13139 UDP 15250 Remote Ports UDP 15250 TCP 80 TCP 6667 UDP 13139 UDP 27900 UDP 27901 TCP 28910 TCP 29900 TCP 29901 UDP 29910 TCP 29920 Others 3783 (Voice Chat Port) 28900 (Master Server List Request) 6515 (Dplay UDP) 6500 (Query Port) Thanks !
  13. We have both TS2 and Ventrilo on our server. If you need a channel let me know the channel name and password for it and i'll set it up when i get back from work.
  14. 1. i can do that 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. i can do that 6. i can do that 7. / If you are interested let me know. I don't expect anything in return. Just like to help, couse i hate cheating.
  15. Great info. I like the observer feature and don't we forget 2 new game types. It's not what is in this patch or not, the main thing is that they are working in the right direction. I'm not going anywhere
  16. Maybe you can send a link to me and i'll upload it to ghostaholic.
  17. Local Ports UDP 15250 UDP 13139 UDP 15250 Remote Ports UDP 15250 TCP 80 TCP 6667 UDP 13139 UDP 27900 UDP 27901 TCP 28910 TCP 29900 TCP 29901 UDP 29910 TCP 29920 If you check the readme.txt in manual folder of your GRAW installation
  18. Which part of there(grin) post here at gr.net you don't understand? They are allowed to discuss some parts of the game and some not. I don't mean to be rude, but that is a fact. Be patience
  19. Here you go : http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-643.html http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-642.html
  20. Happened to me too yesterday. After 2-3 games i was disconnected, cause of changed files. And i didn't do a thing. It was on official UBI server.
  21. Hi sunraa, i just want to let you know that you can download this server side mod here : http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-631.html
  22. When gr.net is closed then i'll panic
  23. Thanks for the map. I upload it to ghostaholic as well. http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-619.html Have fun
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