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  1. Strangly enough, after a few hours from the new install it suddenly works..??? Don't why, but who am i to complain about it.. Tnx anyway for the reply sunraa This is really good news to me !!! Let me know if you need something else
  2. Similar thing happened to me 2 years ago. I received an email to check one guys site and i noticed that he copied - pasted our whole download section. And he got the nerves to show me "his" work.
  3. Do you have all the ports open? Please post your file here, maybe we found something
  4. from my server there is no download activated at all .. am i missing something? is the map_downloads.xml the only thing thats needed to activate a download anyway ? thanks, Ed Can you post your map_downloads.xml in here? Maybe there is an error in your file. Lawnboy, there is almost 1GB of files in that directory, that is a bit too much. But you can download them all from our download section or GR.net download section. But if you have some special maps in mind let me know.
  5. Hi guys, we moved all the maps to the other server. You can use it from here : http://www.armaholic.com/maps/ Link from Ghostaholic doesn't work any more.
  6. I would rather see system requirements for viewing this new website Minimal resolution 1280 Link speed : fiber 20 MB Graphic card : GF 8800
  7. Did you check : Start - > Programs -> Ubisoft -> Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter -> Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter map Editor ?
  8. Why don't you just rename it and release it like version 1.1 or something. Rocky and us will upgrade our download section and we all can play your map on every server without any problems.
  9. There might be some problems with maps that have spaces in the map name. Since web server replace space with other character and windows doesn't . Map creators please don't use spaces in your map names. You can use _-, just not space. And it won't help if i rename every file that has space in it.
  10. http://guides.gamepressure.com/ghostreconadvancedwarfighter/
  11. Hi, I've uploaded most of maps that there were published for GRAW on our webspace. Those maps are not compressed and they are available for gaming server administrators to link them in there map_downloads.xml file. You can link to them here : http://www.armaholic.com/maps/
  12. No, nothing. i'm using latest version of Firefox. Just please double check that button from paypal on first page. Maybe some other adminstrator played with it or something. But i don't receive this popup any more. It was "functional" for only 2 minutes and topic closed
  13. I just receive this popup when i enter gr.net . Is this normal?
  14. Try Xfire : http://www.xfire.com/
  15. There are a lot of clans that uses teamspeak and maybe they have free channels. Otherwise let me know and i'll set up a channel for you and your friends on our teamspeak server.
  16. If you want to play custom map, then yes. There is also an option that map would be automatically download from server, but i think it's easier that he just install those maps that you would like to play with him. If you play official maps with him, then there is no problem if you have custom maps installed. Take care
  17. I have the same problem and i'm running X1950 Pro But i have the same thing in Armed Assault and it's even worse there. I only get those in GRAW from time to time. I think that graphic card is overheating.
  18. How did you upgrade your server? Did you overwrite the files from your computer, or could you install the patch over the 1.3?
  19. http://www.americasarmy.com/ ?
  20. added to ghostaholic : http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-1187.html Thanks Tinker
  21. If you are thinking of using installer : 1. Think of MAC users (they can't run exe files) 2. Some of the developers of mods wrote in there readme.txt, that there mod shouldn't be repacked without agreement from the author.
  22. If someone would like to see all the ArmA videos(that were published), you can check it here
  23. Ok, then i need limited version to test it, then i might buy the full version. I hope it's not to expensive.
  24. Am i missing something? Do you need to pay for this? I waited like 2-3 hours i think
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