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  1. Some users didn't upgrade there computers for some years and i think that is the reason for using windows 2000.

    When i was system administrator i actually prefer win 2k instead of win XP. you can run windows 2k on 166 MHz comp with 64 of RAM and it's not a problem. It's support active directory that most company use.

    If i notice that some of mine friend has a old comp, i try to convince him to use win2k instead of winXP. I think it's always better that your system run smoother, instead that it looks nicer.

  2. How about an option to retain rank all the while in the server rather than resetting. Perhaps make the ranks a longer to achieve but allow them to carry over round to round and accumulate. This would promote and reward continual playing in the server and would give the "reward" that ranks offer.

    As it is they are very quick to gain (but not quick enough to get the highest ranks) and are lost as soon as you start to break into the higher ranks. Instead of making everyone have access to the ranks, why not let them earn it by keeping ranks and allowing them to progress as they are in the server from match to match. I think I would find this much more rewarding than just starting with the highest rank right off the bat.

    that would be great !!

  3. I really like the intro. I've watched it like 5 times already. Nice music, graphic.

    I specially like the new game type.

    I don't know what you guys did, but for me the performance is a lot worst the the beta version. I could play beta on 1280*1024 without problems, but now i can barely play it on 1024*768.

    Anyway i hardly wait to see the whole game released, so i can drink some beers while playing it :)

  4. Yes, but still torrents are good to use with the legal demo version, the official ways to DL the demo will be clogged the coming days.

    Anyone who got a torrent for the legal version?

    As a demo user you are not allowed to distribute the software period.

    So i can't upload the demo to our site and distribute it to our members?

  5. This are masks for network.

    This basically means what kind on IPs are available for you in your network - this means that you have 256 IPs available for you. Usually we use 192.168.1.* range. That zero at the end of the mask means that you will have first 3 numbers fixed, but for the last one you can use number from 0-255

    for you can use 65536 IPs. First 2 numbers are fixed, and you can change the last 2 numbers

  6. I would recommend that never run a windows wizard for creating networks.

    It's a bit hard to locate the problem, since we do not know what kind of network settings are you using.

    Are both PCs using the same gateway address ?

    Can you ping the other computer?

    Can you ping a HUB from both PCs?

    I always do it like this.., but in most cases i use routers. First i configure a router/HUB(enable DHCP) and then set NIC to obtain IP automatically .

    Then start CMD

    and type ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew . If everything is ok it should work.

    It's a bit different with wireless.

    Hope it helps.

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